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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #228: Lame Ducks, Big Bucks And Who Sucks

Including: Steve's ER Adventure; Say It Ain't So, Theo; Retaining Russell; Joe Maddon Is A Lame Lame Duck; Loving Lovie Too Long; The White Sox Did Something; Bear Trap; Bullshit On Parade; Post-Q: So Far, So Bad; A Decade Of Greatness In DeKalb; Ramblers Not Quite Rambling Yet; Pitch By Pitch Betting?; and Schweinsteiger!



* 228.

* Steve's ER Adventure.

1:52: Say It Ain't So, Theo!

* Tommy La Stella and Jesse Chavez are no longer Cubs. A city weeps. Steve sobs. They will be missed.

* What up with Ronald Torreyes?

4:02: Retaining Russell.

* Morrissey: Cubs Sending Wrong Message By Leaving Door Open For Addison Russell.

Addison Russell can't be in a Cubs uniform anymore. He just can't be.

Those were the first words of a column I wrote in September, after the shortstop's ex-wife had detailed the abuse she said she had suffered at his hands.

Here's that column; Morrissey didn't provide a link: Say Goodbye To Addison Russell, Whom The Cubs Suddenly Don't Know, Or Ever Knew.

Back to this weekend's column:

It's wonderful that they say they feel responsible for walking with Russell during his counseling, especially after they strutted with him when he was helping them win the 2016 World Series.

"But where is it written that he has to play baseball? You can walk with Russell and not allow him to be on the team. The two actions aren't mutually exclusive."

But that's exactly what Theo said - the team tendered Russell a non-guaranteed contract. And Theo made clear that a roster spot for Russell is not assured; he will serve his suspension into May, and then his return is conditional.

In fact, the headline on Morrissey's column states that the Cubs are "Leaving The Door Open."

Also, I wonder if Morrissey called on the Sun-Times to fire Neil Steinberg.

I'm not taking a position here, I just think an editor should demand that such a well-compensated columnist as Morrissey think a little harder about the logic of his positions. It only makes the columnist better.

* DiCaro: What Should The Cubs Do With Addison Russell?

15:01: Joe Maddon Is A Lame Lame Duck.

* No, Joe, it's not the same as being a free agent - especially after your agent tried in vain to land you that extension.

17:47: Loving Lovie Too Long.

* Beachwood Exclusive: The Real Reasons Why Lovie Was Extended, Not Fired.

And . . . more Cubs . . .

* FanGraphs: Jesse Chavez Isn't Done.

27:27: The White Sox Did Something.

And . . . Noahbattacola . . .

30:04: Bear Trap.

* Gag Me With Mitch Trubisky's Spoon.

* Bears' Jordan Howard: Lackluster Effort In Win.

41:47: Bullshit on Parade.

* Trib Wars: Rosenbloom vs. Johnson.

45:10: Post-Q: So Far, So Bad.

* Blackhawks' Respect For Jeremy Colliton Hard To Find.

* Coyote Nick.

51:07: NU Wins Right To Get Slaughtered By Ohio State.

* Beef O'Brady Bowl bid on the line.

53:37: A Decade Of Greatness In DeKalb.

* Northern Illinois Rallies From 19 Down To Beat Buffalo In MAC Championship.

58:34: Ramblers Not Quite Rambling Yet.

* Wolf Pack Get Sweet, Sweet Revenge.

1:00:51: Pitch By Pitch Betting?

* MLB Becomes Third Major Sports League To Form Partnership With MGM.

1:05:17: Schweinsteiger!

* He'll be back.




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