The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #226: To The CodyCopter™!

Aka Cody Clang. Plus: Local TV Misses Worse Than Cody Parkey; Money League Baseball; We All Owe Bob Nightengale An Apology; Don't Rewrite History; Cutting Robbie Gould Was The Right Thing To Do; The Kris Bryant Trade Scenario Isn't Hard To Figure Out; Blackhawks Hunk Gets First Win; NHL In Chintzy Tentative Concussion Settlement: Not Our Fault; Fire Thibs; Wild ATS; and Sister Jean Is So Last Year.



* 226.

:23: Local TV Misses Worse Than Cody "Clang" Parkey.

* @DidParkeyMiss.







* Yahoo Sports: Bears Ban TV Stations From Using Helicopter Footage Of Cody Parkey Practicing Kicks.

How is it legal for the NFL to ban TV stations from using this footage? It's public airspace over a public facility - owned by the Chicago Park District. Isn't that prior restraint? Of a kicker?

* Rosenthal, Tribune: Bears Censor TV Helicopter Coverage Of Kicker Cody Parkey Practicing At Soldier Field.

"WGN managed to air a live shot of Parkey working on the turf with a long snapper and holder as part of a prime-time special featuring its morning news team before the Bears intervened.

"Invoking its restrictions on practice video, the team effectively prohibited the stations from sharing their aerial coverage on the air or online, including via social media."

But team policy isn't the law. There's no good reason why TV outlets had to go along with the Bears' request.

* Parkey blames Jesus.

* Coffman: SportsMonday: Sunday's Real Bears Goat.

* Coffman: SportsMonday: Catching Bears Fever.

* Bernstein: Pass Or Run, It's About Points For Bears.

* How The Philadelphia Eagles Mastered The Modern NFL.

* Nagy > Fox.

* 2014: Big Nickel Package Emerging As NFL's Hottest Defensive Trend.

* 2016: Here's Why The Nickel Defense Is The New Base Defense In The NFL.

41:34: Money League Baseball.

* MLB Extends TV Deal With Fox Sports Through 2028.

* Cubs Bump Ticket Prices 2.6 Percent.

53:09: We All Owe Bob Nightengale An Apology.

55:41: Don't Rewrite History; Cutting Robbie Gould Was The Right Thing To Do.

* 'In 2015 Gould converted 33 of 39 field goals for an 84.6 percentage, 19th in the league. He struggled during the later portion of the season, missing two field goals against the 49ers and a potential game-tying kick against the Redskins, with a combined two of five field goals converted in those two games.'

He looked shitty at the end of that season. Then, the following exhibition season, he missed two extra points in the finale, as well as a field goal in another. It was hard to stick with him. If anything, the Bears' big mistake was bringing him to camp the next year and not cutting him until the final week of the preseason in favor of Connor Barth, who had just been released by the Saints.

57:20: The Kris Bryant Trade Scenario Isn't Hard To Figure Out.

* Olney: Cubs Open To Trading Bryant.

* White Sox Using Bulls Marquee To Court Bryce Harper.

* Phillies Will Spend Big Bucks In Free Agency, 'Maybe Even Be A Little Bit Stupid About It.'

1:03:50: Blackhawks Hunk Gets First Win.

* Rebuilding Is Point Of Contention For NHL's Crumbling Powerhouses.

1:07:27: NHL In Chintzy Tentative Concussion Settlement: Not Our Fault.

* What Is The Future Of Hitting In Hockey?

1:11:58: Fire Thibs.

* Jimmy Butler Trade Just A Small Loss For Wolves, Who Make Most Of No-Win Situation With Necessary Risk.

"No, Minnesota didn't get equal return for its All-Star, but it does get a solid return while avoiding a much worse deal."

1:16:10: Wild ATS.

1:17:58: Sister Jean Is So Last Year.

* Furman Defeats Loyola-Chicago On Game-Winning Baptism.

* Signing Day: Loyola, DePaul Hit It Big.

* Naperville Goalie Committed To Loyola Basketball.




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