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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #225: Drama-Free Bears Suddenly More Stable Than Chaotic Cubs, Broken Blackhawks

Theo in a gorilla suit while Nagy sets the playoff table. Plus: Why Trubisky Polarizes; Unified Grand Cubs Theory; Coach Coffman, Coach Q And Coach Colliton; This Is No Time For Bulls Hot Takes; and Secret Agent Hahn.



* 225.

1:49: Matt Nagy's Drama-Free, Unusually Healthy Bears.

* Coffman: Trubisky Is . . .

* Biggs: The Mitch Trubisky Divide: National Pundits Rip The Bears QB, While The Team Raves About Him.

* Rhodes: Why Trubisky Polarizes. This is not a column so you'll have to listen for what is absolutely the right answer!

26:40: Coach Coffman, Coach Q And Coach Colliton.

* Perfect icestorm: Stan Bowman loses touch; Quenneville can't develop young defenseman; John McDonough knows nothing about hockey. Boom.

42:10: No Time For Bulls Hot Takes; Real Team On The Way.

* Cowley: If Bulls Coach Fred Hoiberg Is On His Way Out, Gar Forman Must Go With Him.

* KC Johnson: How Much Job Security Does Fred Hoiberg Have?

* Deadspin: Jabari Parker Looks Really Disengaged Right Now.

* Fansided: Zach LaVine Is Blossoming Into A Franchise Player.

* Forbes: Wendell Carter Jr. A Beacon Of Light Shining Through Bulls' Rough Start.

49:59: Cubs Meltdown.

* Theo coming to work every day in gorilla suit.

52:15: Secret Agent Hahn.

* Extended Ricky Renteria's Contract 'A While Back.'

54:56: Rhodes' Unified Grand Cubs Theory.

* You'll have to listen to learn the real truth!




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