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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #219: Cubs Abyss, Bears Brink

Theo, Jed > Maddon. Plus: Joe Maddon's Take On The Addison Russell Investigation Quite Senate Republicanlike; Magic Mack vs. Fitzmagic; and Seal vs. Kayaker - Why We're Not Vegetarians.



* 219.

* The evolution of the 2018 NL Central.

* The Cubs' candidate:

"It looks like Tom Ricketts has changed his mind about not being very involved in upcoming Chicago aldermanic races," Greg Hinz reported Thursday for Crain's.

"I reported several weeks back that though Ricketts and his siblings, who own the Chicago Cubs, were contributing to a dark money group that was bashing 44th Ward Ald. Tom Tunney, Ricketts' 'goal is not to be heavily involved' in City Council races - including the adjoining 47th Ward, where Heather Way Kitzes, the Cub's manager of government and neighborhood relations, happens to be running for alderman.

"That was then.

"If you care to participate and are ready to write a big check, you can watch tonight's Cubs game at Wrigley Field and hobnob beforehand in the owners' suite along with 'the Ricketts family' and aldermanic hopeful Heather Way Kitzes. The candidate's campaign fund will get all proceeds from the affair, with tickets going from $250 for a 'single' to $5,600 for a 'grand slam.'

* Doing The Bartman:

* Jeff Garlin on The Curse:

"A goat? OK, let's get something straight. It is not a curse to not want a goat at a baseball game, all right? That is not a curse. Nobody wants livestock in baseball games, OK? That is not a curse. You sell Babe Ruth, yeah, OK, maybe that's a curse. You sell the greatest ballplayer ever, OK, I get it. But kicking a guy and his goat out of a baseball game, no, that's is not a curse.

"You know, this was a time when people dressed up. I mean nobody would let a goat into a game now, and people dress like pigs. Back then people wore suits to games, they wore hats. There wasn't a team in baseball that would be like - 'Sure, oh yeah, the goat's fine.'

"And by the way, do we know if this guy had another successful curses? Does he have a list of curses that we can look at? If he had a whole bunch of curses that worked, OK, fine. But I'm not buying that he tried only one curse, and it worked, and it was because they did not let bring a goat into a game."

* Andracki: Lester Has Been Worth Every Damn Penny For The Cubs.

* Butters.

* New York Times: Gary, Keith And Ron: The Magi Of Mets Nation.

30:34: Joe Maddon's Take On The Addison Russell Investigation Quite Senate Republicanlike.

* Joe Maddon's disastrous Bernstein-McKnight interview.

* Ryan: Joe Maddon Sends A Misguided - And Dangerous - Message About The Addison Russell Issue.

* Theo's Response.

* Caputo vs. Powers.

* No, Joe: Your method is bad.

* Sullivan: "Maybe it's Cubs Fatigue, but the number of empty seats at Wrigley the last couple of days, particularly in the exclusive section between the dugouts that includes admission to the 1914 Club, suggests the bloom is off the rose. Attendance remains relatively high - 32,874 on Wednesday - but rows of seats remain empty, a scene unthinkable only a few years ago for such an important game."

* Rosenthal: MLB Has Additional Info On Addison Russell Domestic Violence Allegations.

* Jesse Rogers: Russell's Ex-Wife: 'Wasn't Ready' To Talk Last Year.

45:57: Magic Mack vs. Ryan Fitzmagic.

* Pared-Down Playbook.

* "Turnovers will decide this game."

1:01:35: Seal vs. Kayaker - And Why We're Not Vegetarians.

* Vegans And Vegetarians Think They Don't Kill Animals But They Do.

* Ordering The Vegetarian Meal? There's More Animal Blood On Your Hands.

* Michigan, Chicago.





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