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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #215: Maddon Madness & Magic

He's not going anywhere but the playoffs. Plus: Hot White Sox Screwing Eloy; Fake Bears Finish Fake Pre-Season With Fake Hopes; and NU's Ridiculous Football Palace On The Lake.



* 215.

1:21: Maddon Madness & Magic.

* Minooka: "A nice place to call home."

* Tommy La Stella!

* Nightengale, USA Today: "Joe Maddon helped lead the Chicago Cubs to the Holy Grail of sports, with a consistent level of success they haven't seen in a century, but there are whispers his job could be in jeopardy if they don't play deep into October."

* Bernstein & McKnight, The Score: "Joe Maddon Calls Report On His Job Security 'Dumb.'"

* Vote for Pedro.

* Musical chairs:

* Javy.

* Twins Show Respect For Wilson By Trading Him To Cubs.

* Bryant To Start In Philadelphia On Saturday.

32:43: Hot White Sox Screwing Eloy.

* Wallenstein: "His homophobic, racist tweets are not the lone blemish on his ledger. He received a 50-game suspension for a banned stimulant in 2015, and a year later he punched a teammate in spring training, breaking his hand."

* Kris Bryant Remembers.

* To Rick Hahn's way of thinking, Ryan LaMarre checks all the boxes but Eloy Jimenez doesn't. Because one box is protecting service time.

* Renteria Cleared, Returns To Dugout.

43:26: Fake Bears Finish Fake Pre-Season With Fake Hopes.

* A lot of McCaskey mouths to feed.

* Draft day hype James Daniels will neither start at center nor start at guard to open the season.

* Brad Biggs' 10 thoughts, roster projection.

* Cameron Meredith Relieved To Put Up Preseason Stats.

* It was the Chicago Tribune!

1:00:34: NU's Ridiculous Football Palace On The Lake.

* No, and is this even the right question?




Coach Coffman.



Benjamin J. Cat, producer.



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