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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #212: The Cubs Are Weird

Win big, lose ugly.

Plus: It's Time, White Sox.

And: Hall Of Bears Mirrors.



* 212.

3:43: Hopeful Hamels In The House.

* Hopes To Provide Longer Outings.


* The Change-Up.


* Kintzler: "Gives you a strong wrist, scooping out that ice cream."

* Kintzler Denies Snitching Allegations.

* Fangraphs: Ranking The Prospects Traded At The Deadline.

* The 10-Day DL!

* Raggedy-ass arms.

* Bryant, Morrow injury updates.

* Kyle Schwarber's slide into first.


* Addison Russell's boo-boo.


* Or was it one of these guys' fault?



Screen Shot 2018-08-03 at 3.46.23 PM.png


* Fangraphs: ZiPS Trade-Deadline Roundup, National League.

* Drew Smyly lurks.

47:05: Dear White Sox: It's Time.

* Former Cubs Eloy, Cease Named White Sox Players Of The Month.

49:57: Hall Of Bears Mirrors.

* Urlacher Like Linebacker.


Brian Urlacher's Hair Restoration Story.

* Urlacher like Lackey.


* Roquan Smith's Contract Impasse Over Behavior Clause As Well As NFL's New Helmet Contact Rule.




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