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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #211: Microcosmic Cubs, Bewildering Bears

Theo settles for Cole Hamels. Plus: Rodon!; The Biggest Underreported Story In Chicago Sports; and We're Talking About (Bears) Practice.



* 211.

:45: Cubs' Mine Cole In Microcosmic Week.

* It was only after we finished recording this that we learned the Cubs included Eddie Butler in the deal. Please adjust our remarks accordingly!

* Edwards, Fangraphs: "If the Cubs are expecting the magic Hamels has shown on the road . . . there is likely to be disappointment. As far as an upgrade over Tyler Chatwood and the potential for a league-average starter, the division-leading Cubs just made their team a good bit better the rest of the way."

* Nationals Might Become Sellers By End Of Weekend.

* A microcosmic week.

* David Bote is holding it down!

* Morrissey's muck.

* 2014: Joe Maddon, Rays Honor Tommy Tutone With '867-5309' Lineup.

* Don't cry for Dusty.

45:37: Rodon!

47:38: Bears Blackout!

* Most underreported story in Chicago sports.

* Inside Matt Nagy's Beautiful Mind even though he's only called plays in five-and-a-half games including this one!

* All plays at practice are highlights not lowlights!

* Same!

* We're talking about practice!

* How wacky!

* Maybe your coverage isn't positive enough!

* Top secret!

* But how will they cope without Mark Sanchez!




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