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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #22: The Giants Are A Better Story Than The Royals

And Brian Sabean is the game's best (and most underrated) GM. Plus: Cubs Entering "Competitive Phase" - For Fourth Place; Why The NCAA's Best Athletes Should Drop Out Of School; Miami Is A Trap Game!; Coach Q vs. Tom Thibodeau; The Chicago Fire Make A Great Father's Day Gift.


:07: Mercury Morris.

* Dave Duerson.

2:09: The Giants Are A Better Story Than The Royals.

* The Best (And Most Underrated) General Manager In The Game.

Though some of Sabean's moves have been strongly criticized by Giants fans and the media, the team has had a winning record 13 of the 17 seasons he has been general manager.

* Along with Bruce Bochy, in the World Series three of the last five years.

* Jake Peavy vs. A.J. Pierzynski.

* Trevor Ishikawa.

* We'll never be Royals.

* Flashing the leather.

* Kirk Reuter.

* Cubs entering the "competitive phase."

* Predictions.

* Ned Yost = Ozzie Guillen.

18:32: The College Football Report!

* Todd Gurley vs. The NCAA.

* Jameis State.

* The diminished draft value of running backs - and running quarterbacks.

* Michael McCann: Winston's Best Move Is To Drop Out Of School.

* Jameis Winston, pitcher.

32:30: Miami Is A Trap Game!

* The Reverend - Darryl Sharpton!

* Huge test for OL.

* The Blue & Orange Kool-Aid Report: Mojitos Over Miami.

* 8-8.

* Carl's Wild Card Weekend Fishing Trip Is Back On!

40:42: The Blackhawks Are Gonna Be Fine.

* Coach Q vs. Tom Thibodeau.

* Antti Ranta.

* Finnish porn.

43:05: Tom Thibodeau Is Nuts.

* It's Thibodeau on 11!

* Medical team should stand by.

* Paging Coach Q!

52:45: Chicago Fire Make A Great Father's Day Gift!

* The Revolution Will Be Clouted.


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