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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #208: Local TV News Is Hurting America

The continuing problem no one talks about anymore. Plus: I Predicted The World Cup's Final Four; Mr. Cowley; The Blackhawks Signed Some Free Agents; White Sox Waiting Game Sucks; Land Of Boz; and Cubs Factors.



* 208.

* Benny's Bucktown Beachwood Bureau.


2:07: The Continuing Problem Of Local TV News That No One Talks About Anymore.

* Local TV news is hurting America.

* Grant proposal: A Day In The Life Of Facts/News/Local TV/Media.

* Who is really stealing content.

19:07: I Predicted The World Cup's Final Four.

* Last week's Show Notes: "Don't sleep on France."

* Belgium's colonies.

* England's Sterling (not Sylvester).

* I couldn't find the tweet that was as clever as I remembered.

27:28: Mr. Cowley.



* Joe Cowley Hates Women, Can't Write And Is A Lousy Reporter But Keeps Job.

* Cowley & Ozzie.

34:17: The Blackhawks Signed Some Free Agents.

36:28: White Sox Waiting Game Sucks.

38:31: Land Of Boz.

* Tigers Had Concerns About Chris Bosio Before He Was Fired.

42:56: Cubs Factors.

* "Almora's not sure he's doing anything differently against right-handers beyond just seeing more of them as his playing time has increased."

* "Lester, admittedly, had a bad year in 2017, with his ERA ballooning to 4.33. Physically, he simply could not recover between starts."

* Theo: "The majority of our answers lie within."

1:03:46: Jay Cutler Mopes Along On Kristin Cavallari Reality Show.




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