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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #207: Finally, The World Cup Moves On

Knockout round couldn't come fast enough after hot start to tourney stepped in mud. Plus: LeBron Opts Out Of Bulls; Fuck Yu; Mystery Cubs Defy Evaluation; Bosio Balooza; White Sox: Come For The Dollar Dogs, Stay For The Game; and Schweinsteiger!



* 207.

:52: World Cuppage.

* Switzerland Does Enough To Advance In World Cup.

* Toni Kroos Admits Early World Cup Exit Is What Germany Deserved.

* Mixed Reaction Amongst Football Fans After Nigeria's World Cup Exit.

* Argentina's Report Card In the Group Stage.

* Senegal Crashed Out Of World Cup Because Of Yellow Cards.

* FIFA Defends Fair Play Criteria To Rank Teams.

* England Scores Big Win By Losing To Belgium.


* England Takes Hand Off The Throttle In Basic Misreading Of Hypotheticals.

* Do These Brackets Look Lopsided To You?

* The Simpsons Predicted That Mexico Could Make It To The World Cup Finals.

* Philippe Coutinho Might Fuck Around And Win The World Cup For Brazil.

* England's Young World Cup Stars Have 'Golden Generation' Potential.

* Not mentioned: Don't sleep on France!

18:54: LeBron Opts Out Of Bulls.

* Here Is Michael Jordan's 56,000-Square-Foot House In Highland Park And Why It Is Still On The Market After 6 Years.

* Zach LaVine Could Draw Kings' Ransom In Free Agency.

31:47: Fuck Yu.

* Rick Morrissey Is Out Of Ideas.

* Inside Jake Arrieta's June Swoon.

* Yu Darvish Getting Second Opinion On Triceps Injury.

41:50: Mystery Cubs Defy Evaluation.

49:54: Bosio Balooza.

59:07: White Sox: Come For The Dollar Dogs, Stay For The Game.

1:04:46: Schweinsteiger!




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