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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #204: George McClownsky And His Media Acolytes

That's a clown column, bro. Plus: Crazy Uncle Joe's Overmanaging Like It's Going Out Of Style; The Capitals' Blackhawk; Warriors Came Out To Play; White Sox Tips; TrackNotes Tips; The Unbelievable Money In eSports; Bet Delaware; Schweinsteiger! and The Minnesota Lynx Dunk On Donald Trump.



* 204.

:43: The Capitals, The Cup & Kempny.

* USA Today: Clock Freezes In Final Minutes Of Stanley Cup Final As Capitals Hold On To Win.

* ESPN: What Does The Future Hold For Barry Trotz?

* Washington Post: Washington Has A New Hero. His Name Is Devante Smith-Pelly.

(Black Chicago Blackhawk Reacts To Racist Blackhawks Fans.)

* Heh.

* Washington Post: Alex Ovechkin Is One Of Putin's Biggest Fans. The Question Is, Why?

* Does It Bother Anyone Else That This Robert Mueller Pronounces His Name Muller?

* TSN: Caps' Kempny Could Be One Of Best Value Trades In History.

* Rocky Wirtz Hints At Leadership Changes If Blackhawks Struggle.

22:21: Warriors Came Out To Play.

* FiveThirtyEight: Is Kevin Durant The Finals MVP?

* NBC Sports: LeBron James Loses It When Tyronn Lue Tells Him Cavaliers Had Timeout Left At End Of Game 1 Regulation.

27:38: Bears Media, Donald Trump And George McCaskey Are Clowns, Bro.

* Fanboy Media In Fine Form.

* Chase Daniels Is The New Mark Sanchez.

* Mike Sielski, Philadelphia Daily News: An Absurd Afternoon At The White House With Donald Trump, And Without The Eagles.

* Haugh: Bears Chairman George McCaskey Balances Respect And Tradition On Anthem Issue.

That's a clown column, bro.

* Also clowning it up: Brad Biggs, Patrick Finley.

46:24: Your Crazy Uncle Joe Maddon Overmanaging Like It's Going Out Of Style.

* Crazy lineups! Crazy bullpen churn! Crazy refusal to ever admit being wrong! Bring back the pajama parties!

* Bosio in Detroit.

* Jesse Rogers, ESPN Chicago:

Phillies hitting coach John Mallee is back at Wrigley Field where he had the same job with the Cubs from 2015-2017. He was fired despite helping them to the playoffs 3 straight years as the team wanted to get better in situational hitting -- though Theo Epstein said he was only dismissed because current hitting coach Chili Davis became available: "He felt they needed to take the offense to another level and there was someone else better equipped to do that than me.," Mallee said. "Do I agree with it? No. Do I accept it? Absolutely." Mallee also said he is fine with Epstein but paused and showed some awkwardness when asked about Joe Maddon. Maddon has been critical of teaching the use of "launch angles" from youth levels all the way up to pro baseball -- something Mallee stressed often -- though he said on Tuesday the goal is always for a good line drive.

* Paul Sullivan, Tribune:

Davis had been under fire in Boston for the Red Sox's lack of home runs and his aversion to the "launch angle" philosophy.

* Joe Maddon on launch angles: 'They sound good, but they don't help you.'

So there you have it.

(Cubs Insider: Mike Bryant Explains Everything, Pt. 1: Dispelling Myths About Launch Angle Revolution.)

1:04:52: Roger's Tips For Watching The Rest Of The White Sox Season.

* "No. 1: Be not disappointed if Ricky's Boys do, in fact, Quit, or at the very least get outscored by a bunch of runs."

1:05:24: Tom's TrackNotes: Justify? Justify.

* "For the second time in three years, there's a real chance the church ladies will have to add another square to the quilt, number 13."

1:05:36: Video Gamers May Soon Be Paid More Than Top Pro Athletes.

* "As a spectator sport, video games generate viewership at least on par with professional leagues."

1:06:27: Full-Scale Sports Betting Arrives in Delaware.

* "The state now has legal wagering within driving distance of three major East Coast cities."

1:07:06: Schweinsteiger!

* Stakes High As Revolution Take Aim At Chicago Fire.

* 23andMe Wants You To Find A New World Cup Team In Your Blood.

"With the US soccer team eliminated, the genetic testing company and Fox Sports get together to drum up interest in the tournament."

1:08:42: The WNBA Champions Weren't Invited To The White House. Instead, They Gave Shoes To Kids.




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