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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #200: Is Chicago A Great Sports Town? Was Val Kilmer The Greatest Doc Holliday Of All Time? Is Tom Ricketts The Best Chicago Owner Ever? An All-Star Special Edition.

Featuring: Veeck As In Wreck; Ricketts As In Wrecketts; One Last Thing About The Cubs; A Very Special Schweinsteiger! And Much, Much More.



* 200.

* Jim Coffman.

* Tom Chambers.

* Natasha Julius.

* Mike Luce.

* Roger Wallenstein.

* Quick Pitch.

13:32: Is Chicago A Great Sports Town?

* Dick Motta:

Screen Shot 2018-05-13 at 4.51.46 PM.png

* Wallenstein: Oscar Gamble Was More Than Just A Great Head Of Hair.

19:31: The City Series Sucks.

* Bat Days.

* Nun recruitment.

* The Tickle:


24:09: Veeck As In Wreck; Ricketts As In Wrecketts.

* Sterch's.

* Bill Veeck's beer of choice:


* A Man For Any Season:

34:20: The Greatest Moment In Chicago Baseball History.

* Not Dick Allen Smoking A Cigarette In The Dugout.

* Randall Simon vs. The Italian Sausage:

My apologies, Simon didn't join the Cubs until the following year. I guess it was so Cub-like that my memory made it so.

* "Wisconsin's most famous sausage has decided to retire, but she'll always relish the memories," ESPN reported in 2004.

Mandy Block received attention after Simon hit her over the head with his bat as she passed by the visitors' dugout. Veronica Chandler, the hot dog who tripped over Block's fallen sausage, never ran again.

The whacking was broadcast worldwide, but Block brushed aside the controversy, accepting Simon's apology and declaring herself "just a sausage."

Simon was handcuffed by Milwaukee County sheriff's deputies after the game, taken to a police station and fined $432 for disorderly conduct. Major League Baseball suspended him for three days.

Simon sent Block an autographed bat and apologized several times. When he returned to Miller Park later in the season, as a Chicago Cub, he bought a section of fans Italian sausages.

The Curacao Tourism Board offered their own apology, an all expenses-paid trip for Block and Chandler. Simon is from the small Caribbean island.

Block also was recognized by the National Hot Dog & Sausage Council with a certificate of bravery.

"I'm proud of it," Block said. "I didn't even know there was a hot dog council."

36:32: Val Kilmer Was The Greatest Doc Holliday Ever.

38:13: Breaking From The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour Update Desk:

* Tiger Woods Fades, But Caps Great Weekend At Players.

39:01: Willson CONEtreras Is En Fuego.

40:28: About Chicago's Sports Media.

40:34: One Last Thing About The Cubs.

42:02: Throwing It Back.

* "Apparently back in 1969, the founder of the now-famous Cub's Bleacher Bums, Ron Grousl, was the first fan to ever throw a home run ball back on the field after the legendary Hank Aaron smacked one into the stands."

52:13: Arlington Park: Both Beauty And Beast.

59:50: A Sportsbook On Every Corner, Please.

1:11:00: Schweinsteiger!




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