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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #21: The Chicago Bears Have Become Drama Queens

Mercurial and mysterious. Plus: The Swagger Of Patrick Kane And Dougie McBuckets & Theo Epstein's Latest FAIL.


:00: The Chicago Bears Have Become Drama Queens.


* Brandon Marshall as Dr. Feelgood.

* Jay Cutler as Jay Cutler.

* Guest starring Devin Hester as Fredo.

* Lamarr Houston as New Brian.

* Tim Jennings as The Soda Jerk.

* Mel Tucker as The Vanilla Man.

* Chris Conte as The Head-Banger.

* Jerry Angelo as The Co-Conspirator.

55:25: No One In The Shootout's Got Swagger Like Kane.

59:25: Dougie McBuckets Also Has Swag.

1:08:41: Theo Epstein's Latest FAIL.

* He's no St. Louis.

* He's no San Francisco.

* John Mallee is the Cubs' 4th hitting coach under Theo Epstein. And yet, we get stories like "Why John Mallee Makes Sense As The Next Cubs Hitting Coach" and "Cubs Believe Mallee Is A Keeper" with no explanation for why the Cubs fired Bill Mueller assistant Mike Brumley, causing Mueller to quit. (Remember when Mueller was the guy who made sense as the next Cubs hitting coach?) But in the eyes of the Chicago media, Theo can do no wrong, so the story is never about his (long list of) mistakes.)

* Fight the power that is the storyline!



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