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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #193: The Suddenly Charming Loyola Brand

But don't expect a campus windfall no matter what ill-informed journos tell you. Plus: Cubs Camp Breaking Badass; Gee Oh Lito!; Fox Spox; Don't Even Think About It, Ryan Pace; and Schweinsteiger.



* 193.

* Aundre Jackson.

* Culpepper: Take A Tour Of Loyola Chicago, Which Wasn't A Sports School Until Last Week.

It's that Mike Ross, a senior Illinoisan biophysics major and the student president of Ireland's, the stylish student-run pub beneath the Damen Student Center, said this: "We don't even open the bar on the weekend, and that's why I was a little bit hesitant to open the bar Saturday because I was worried nobody was going to show up." (People did, in packed droves.) It's a certain intimacy, as when Donte Ingram hit the winning shot last Thursday against Miami and one of the Ireland's staff members said, as Ross recalled it, "Oh wow, Donte just hit that shot. He was in my business class yesterday."

* Coffman, 2015: Cinderella Spoilers.

They almost pulled it off.

The NCAA almost rigged the tournament well enough to completely shut out teams from non-power conferences from the Sweet 16. That way they keep the teams from the prime money-making major conferences front and center in the national sports fan consciousness for another year.

The fat cat bureaucrats at the National Collegiate Athletic Association and the selection committee who dictate how the tournament will be structured pretend to value the underdogs. They give lip service to the Cinderellas. Then they set it up so under-seeded mid-majors run into under-rated power conference teams time after time. Or they simply screw mid-major teams like Murray State, which won 20 games in a row during the regular season and has an impressive record of tournament success during the past decade.

Citing an RPI in the 60s, tournament organizers left Murray State out of the bracket entirely after the team was upset in the final of its conference tournament. The big problem with this is that Murray State can't jack up its RPI because teams from the conferences that would help them do that won't play them during the non-conference portions of the regular season.

One team overcame. A Wichita State squad (from the Missouri Valley Conference) which knows all about power teams refusing to even step on the court, scored the ultimate victory (78-65 over Kansas) on Sunday This was the Shockers team that was rated in the Top 10 for much of last season, had another great campaign this time around and yet still somehow didn't warrant better than a 7th-seed in the Midwest Region.

Wichita State knocked off the chickenshit Jayhawks program that has desperately tried to maintain dominance in the schools' home state in part by refusing to play the team from the smaller school.

* NCAA Study Finds All But 20 FBS Schools Lose Money On Athletics.

* Myth: College Sports Are A Cash Cow.

* College Football's Top Teams Are Built On Crippling Debt.

* Athletics Departments That Make More Than They Spend Still A Minority.

* Athletics Cost Colleges, Students Millions.

* Fritz Kaegi is a Haverford man!

* Loyola, Porter Moser In Talks About 'Ripping Up Old Contract' For Richer Deal.

51:15: Cubs Camp Breaking Badass.

* Injury-free.

* Leadoff Man To Be Named Later: Ian Happ.

* The Ex-Cub Factor: Dan "Vogey" Vogelbach, Scott "Feldy" Feldman, Trevor Cahill, Christian Villanueva, Justin Grimm, Darwin Barney.

1:02:47: Gee Oh Lito!

10343: Fox Spox.

* Coffman: "They actually hired him to talk on television!"

* Rhodes: "He just spent three years lying to the media every single day!"

* 1:06:25: Don't Even Think About It, Ryan Pace.

1:09:14: Schweinsteiger!




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