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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #189: Stevie Sunshine's Gold

Bullyproofing racists. Plus: Olympic Gold; The Collapse Of College Basketball?; The Cubs Are Set!; Bulls Tank You Very Much; Sad Blackhawks Season Gets Sadder; and Sitton Spin.



* 189.

* Those ESPN commercials.

* Scythe.

* Going up?



1:30: Stevie Sunshine's Good Deed.

* Black Chicago Blackhawk Reacts To Racist Blackhawks Fans.

* Rosenbloom: Thanks, Blackhawks Fans And Tribune Readers.

* Bullyproofing: See the items Calling All Victims and Woolly Bully.

* Eig: Violent, Unhappy And Brief - The Life Of A School Bully.

* The PEN/ESPN Award for Literary Sports Writing.

* "Some people are still not used to the notion that protest is an act of patriotism."

* A Long History Of Protest For Black Athletes.

18:15: Olympic Gold.

* Additional video here.

* Team USA's 'Rejects' Are Ready To Win Curling Gold.

* New York Times: Can a Canadian Carry Off Bollywood Style? Justin Trudeau Finds Out.

* New York Times: U.S. Ends Cross-Country Drought With Gold Medal. (Video here; go to 4:00 for the final push.)

* Here Comes Diggins!

* New Yorker: How Much Yelling Do We Need In Our Olympics Coverage?

* America's biathlon.

* Are Virtue And Moir Fucking Or What?

From December:

* Ice dance gold.

* It's Been A Milestone Olympics For Openly Gay Athletes.

* CNBC: Olympic Skier Who Became An Internet Sensation For Mediocrity: I Didn't Scam My Way Into The Games.

38:26: The Collapse Of College Basketball?

* Yahoo: Exclusive: Federal Documents Detail Sweeping Potential NCAA Violations Involving High-Profile Players, Schools.

* Related: Many Athletes Who Chase Olympic Glory Face Harsh Financial Reality.

43:26: The Cubs Are Set!

* Tribune: Ben Zobrist Feels Good About His Health.

(Then misses three workouts with a back.)

* BenZo!

* Leading off.

* Lester misses Lackey.

* Darvish overly impresses new teammates.

* Haugh: Out Of Thin Air, Tyler Chatwood Hardly A Fifth Wheel For The Cubs.

1:06:10: Bulls Tank You Very Much.

* CBS Sports: The Bulls Pulled Off An All-Time Tanking Loss Thursday Against The Sixers.

Screen Shot 2018-02-23 at 5.57.28 PM.png

1:08:01: Sad Blackhawks Season Gets Sadder.

1:08:52: Sitton Spin.




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