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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #187: Olympic Narratives Open For Business

But even Shani Davis can't make all his dreams come true. Plus: Coach Coffman's Epic Super Bowl Wrap-Up; The Mirotic Trade Looks Even Better After Seeing The Rest Of The League's Deadline Deals This Week; Derrick Rose Not Welcome In Minnesota; The Blackhawks Are So Sad We Don't Even Want To Talk About Them; PECOTA PESCHMOTA; and Help Us, Loyola, You're Our Only Hope.



* 187.

* Governor Goofs Honest Abe Quote.

3:49: Coach Coffman's Epic Super Bowl Wrap-Up.

* Featuring Patriots-haters, racists, Jim Harbaugh, Lawrence Taylor and college basketball.

* Plus, his wife was there.

23:55: Olympic Narratives Open For Business.

* Plus: Every Four Years They Come From Norway To Plunder Your Gold.

29:14: Chicago Olympian Shani Davis Poses Our Fair City's Most Uttered Question: Where's Mine?

* From Wikipedia:

"Davis was born on Friday, August 13, 1982 (Friday the 13th) in Chicago, Illinois, to Reginald Shuck and Cherie Davis. His father selected the name 'Shani' from an African name dictionary; the name translates 'to adventure,' and he has traveled the globe as a world champion speed skater. His paternal grandmother, Louise Shuck, started a family tradition of naming her grandchildren African names. Davis has a first cousin named Johari, Kofi. The English translation of this name is a mixture of 'light' and 'weight.'

"Davis learned to roller skate when he was 2-years-old. His mother, Cherie, worked for a man who was a local lawyer as well as a speed skating official. The lawyer's son was an elite-level speed skater. At the lawyer's suggestion, Cherie enrolled Shani at the Robert Crown Center in nearby Evanston when he was 6-years-old. Within two months, Davis was winning regional races in his age groups, earning the admiration of his friends and Northbrook rivals alike.

"Cherie was determined that her son would reach his maximum potential. She would wake Shani up in the morning to run a mile on a nearby track to build up his endurance. In order to be closer to his skating club, she and Davis moved from the neighborhood of Hyde Park to Rogers Park."

33:28: The Mirotic Trade Looks Even Better After Seeing The Rest Of The League's Deadline Deals This Week.

39:44: Derrick Rose Not Welcome In Minnesota.

* From the Minneapolis StarTribune's Michael Rand: "Derrick Rose to the Timberwolves? Once again: Please, no. If you thought it was impossible for 100 percent of a group of random Twitter strangers to be aligned on a subject, you weren't paying attention Thursday afternoon."

* But maybe they want Zach LaVine back?

51:58: The Blackhawks Are So Sad We Don't Even Want To Talk About Them.

54:10: All We Have In Baseball Right Now Are Projections.

* Pecota Peschmota.

* The Cubs' Darvish Deal.

BREAKING: THEO WAS LISTENING - Darvish To Cubs On 6-Year Deal.

1:02:16: Help Us, Loyola, You're Our Only Hope.

* Missing the point about what happened at DePaul.




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