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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #20: The NFL Is Decadent And Depraved

And it's really grinding Coach's gears. Plus: Pondering The Packers, Panthers Prognosis, Jerry's Kids, All About Jay, Being The Blackhawks, and Bulls Rolling In The Deep.


:58: Pondering The Packers.

* Packers Roll Over Vikings, Ponder In Yet Another Thursday Night Dud.

* Call 911: Coach is on fire.

* Grinding Coach's gears.


* False narratives.

Establishing the run; winning the time of possession battle.

* Don't make your offense play defense.

* Martellus Bennett scored; Marc Trestman's strategy worked.

* Willie Young forgot his tackle box at home.

* Tucker Time lasted one week.

20:30: Panthers Prognosis.

* Cam Newton ready to take off the fig leaf.

* All about Jay.

* 38-31.

* Trestman's changed, man. It used to be about the music.

* Bill Belichick is moving on to Cincinnati.

* Jerry Angelo: Trading Greg Olsen was a mistake.

* Jerry Angelo: Cutler Inconsistent In The Clutch.

* Jerry Angelo: Guy I traded for sucks; guy I traded away is great!

* Jaworski vs. Cutler.

* Bears offensive coordinators = Cubs managers.

* Terry Shea is now a "consultant."

* Gary Crowton was last seen in Winnipeg.

* Ron Turner is the head coach at Florida International University.

* John Shoop is the offensive coordinator for Purdue.

* Mike Martz is an analyst for Fox Sports.

* Mike Tice is the offensive line coach for the Atlanta Falcons.

* See also: Chicago Bears Offensive Coordinators: A History of Incompetence.

* Missing Angry Matt Slauson.

* WTF North Carolina.

"[A] Mecklenburg County district judge found [Greg Hardy] guilty in July of assaulting and threatening to kill Nicole Holder, who told authorities Hardy was upset over her brief relationship with rapper Nelly after she and Hardy broke up," the Charlotte Observer explains.

"Under North Carolina law, defendants convicted of a misdemeanor by a judge can appeal for a jury trial. It's referred to as a trial de novo, which is Latin for 'anew.' In such cases, the appeals court holds a trial as if no prior trial was held."

41:46: Being The Blackhawks.

* Cap city!

* Patrick Sharp and the Knives!

* Theo Coffman!

* Preseason Power Play: 0-for-17.

* Jonathan Toews = Derek Jeter.

* Kevin Dineen.

50:00: Bulls Skulls.

* They call him Mister Thibs.

* Minor League Moniker Madness.

* The College Football Report: Scooby Snacks & Rat Packs.

* Joakim Cutler.

* Rolling in the deep.

* The Blue & Orange Kool-Aid Report: Tales From The Crypt.



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