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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #183: What's Nagging About Nagy

(It's mostly the media.) Plus: There Is No Longer Any Doubt That Ted Phillips Is The Theo Epstein Of The Chicago Bears; The Truth About Nagy's Press Conference; Cubs Stove Still Cold; Rick Hahn Off The Chain; Blackhawks Season Increasingly Looks Lost; Loving Lauri; Saban's Tide; Illinois Still Sucks; and Schweinsteiger!



* 183.

1:35: What's Nagging About Nagy.

* Colts Were Reportedly All In On Nagy, But He Thought Bears Were Better Situation.

* If The Media Loves Somebody, Check It Out.

* What Really Happened In Kansas City.

* Morrissey: Matt Nagy Is A Breath Of Fresh Air; Now, Can He Coach?

The one thing you learn when a head coach gets hired in the NFL is that everybody loves him. He has no known natural enemies, never has had a cavity and, if a papal election were opened to married people, certainly would get some first-place votes.

We in the media, seeking to flesh out the man, interview his third-grade teacher, who reports that our guy took the Cub Scout oath more seriously than the other children. High school friends find deep meaning in the way he ate lunch in the cafeteria (''organized and slavishly on schedule''), and his first employer never before had seen anyone sort, collate and file the various rules concerning the break-room refrigerator.

* UPDATE: Fangio retained.

* Rosenbloom: It's OK For Matt Nagy To Admit His Title Is Head Coach Of The Chicago Bears.

* Rosenthal: As Bears Introduce Matt Nagy, A Reminder: You've Heard This All Before.

* We Will Never Forget Lance Briggs' Lamborghini Or Restaurant Opening.

* ProTip: Don't Orient Your Entire Organization Around One Guy!

* Coach Is Still Mad About Mark Sanchez!

* (Who's Gonna Be The Backup Quarterback?)

* Did Nagy Tamper?

24:42: Confirmed: Ted Phillips Is The Theo Esptein Of The Chicago Bears.

* Laurence Holmes 1, Dan Bernstein 0.

26:22: The Truth About Nagy's Press Conference.

29:34: Cubs Stove Still Cold.

Jesse Rogers: Are The Cubs One Pitcher Short As They Play Free-Agent Waiting Game?

* No - they're two short!

* Watching Wade Walk.

* Who Will Back-Up Willson?

42:35: Rick Hahn's Unleashed! Tour Off The Chain.

* Miguel Gonzalez Returning To South Side.

44:55: Blackhawks Season Increasingly Looks Lost.

* Season no longer a fluke.

* Brent Seabrook a health scratch; Richard Panik a healthy trade.

* Coffman: Blackhawks Treading Ice.

(* Coffman: Hit-Averse Hawks Hot.)

56:07: Loving Lauri.

* Coach Climbs Aboard!

58:21: Saban's Tide.

1:00:36: Illinois Still Sucks.

1:03:36: Schweinsteiger!

* Dax McCarty Extended.




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