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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #182: Bears Coaching Search Already A Failure

Ryan Pace hire, too. Plus: Get Bill!; Cubs' Stove Goes Cold; Say It Ain't So, Niko; Q-Less?; Congratulations To The University Of Central Florida, National Champs!; Local College Basketball Teams Still Suck; Rick Hahn Continues His Unleashed! Tour; and Schweinsteiger Is Back!



* 182.

1:30: Get Bill!

* Wickersham: For Kraft, Brady And Belichick, Is This The Beginning Of The End?

* Bears already failed to get the otherwise-top guy: Jon Gruden. Let's play in the big leagues, c'mon!

* Jimmy G, Tommy B.

* McDaniels, Shurmur, Toub.

* Young Mitchell Trubisky:

A reporter then asked Trubisky, "Did it feel like a farewell message, or more like an end of season message?"

The sharp young quarterback fired back immediately.

"End of season message, but you guys can twist it however you want."

23:45: Cubs' Stove Goes Cold.

* We're freezing, Theo!

* Let the bidding wars begin!

* Six-pack.

* Cubs couldn't "afford" Wade Davis.

* Every year, Joe Maddon destroys a Cubs closer.

* Getting Renteria'd.

* Coffman: Ryan's "Rebuild."

40:10: Say It Ain't So, Niko.

* Rhodes believes!

* Fred's Dunn.

* Zach's (Almost) Back.

* The Process.

55:05: Q-Less?

* Lazerus: Joel Quenneville Not Sweating Short-Term Job Security, Long-Term Legacy.

* Say it ain't so, Joel.

1:03:05: Congratulations To The University Of Central Florida, National Champs!

* What happened to you, Paul Finebaum?

1:06:02: Local College Basketball Teams Still Suck.

* Loyola was a mirage.

1:06:26: Rick Hahn Continues His Unleashed! Tour.

* Three-team, six-player trade brings veteran bullpen help and cash to the South Side.

1:08:10: Schweinsteiger! Is Back.




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