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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #179: The Ryan Pace Narratives Drive Us Nuts

Willful ignorance. Plus: Devin Hester Retires Ridiculous And So Should Zach Miller; Schwarbs Shapes Up; Maddon's Song Remains The Same; Manny Madness; Real Chicago Blackhawks; and Niko Is Back.



* 179.

* Even when putrid, the Bears are the No. 1 story in town.

* Why fans go.

* Willful ignorance in the men's room.

7:50: Devin Hester Retires Ridiculous And So Should Zach Miller And Ryan Pace.

* The Tarik Cohen model.

* Hall-of-Famer No-Brainer.

* The U, baby!

* Zach Miller, dead-ender.

* When sports end.

* The Ryan Pace Narratives Drives Us Nuts.

* The fifth Bears draft pick in 2017 was Jordan Morgan, a Division II offensive lineman who has spent the season on IR.

38:29: Schwarbs Shapes Up; Maddon's Song Remains The Same.

* For some reason, this really grinds Coach's gears!

* Joe Maddon Has Never Made A Mistake, According To Joe Maddon.

* Mike Montgomery Goes Rogue; Odd Man Out.

* Joe Maddon Is The Tom Thibodeau Of Bullpens.

* Chili Heyward.

58:15: Manny Madness.

1:02:04: Real Chicago Blackhawks.

* Wingelsy!

1:06:10: Niko Is Back.

* And screwing up the lottery.




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