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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #178: Bears At Peak McCaskey

John Fox still coach, Ryan Pace still MIA, undeserving mediocre family still in charge. Plus: Cubs Stove League; The Loyola Ramblers Exist!; Coming Soon: The Niko Mirotic Story; Blackhawks Flat As A Pancake; Mystery Soccer Stadium; and Music City, Schmusic City Bowl.



* 178.

1:00: Cubs Stove League.

* Theotani.

* Levine: Decision To Come Monday.

* Haugh: Caution Makes Sense When Predicting Stardom For Cubs Target Shohei Ohtani.




* Kyle Schwarber Looks Much Slimmer This Offseason.

* Cubs Agree To 3-Year Deal With Tyler Chatwood Worth $38M.

* Jesse Rogers: Why The Cubs Shouldn't Make A Blockbuster Trade For A Starting Pitcher.

* Rondon out, Grimm in.

* Alex Avila!

29:19: John Fox Is Still The Bears' Coach!!!

* The McCaskey Way!

* Dickerson: Does Ryan Pace's Draft History Bode Well For Bears' Future?

* Ryan Pace, MIA.

45:08: The Loyola Ramblers Exist!

* Porter Moser.

* Northwestern a bust, DePaul horrible.

49:37: Coming Soon: The Niko Mirotic Story.

* Rated "R" for Riiiiiiiiiiiight.

51:49: Blackhawks Flat As A Pancake.

* Bernstein: Life Without Corey No Fun.

56:00: Mystery Soccer Stadium.

57:58: Music City, Schmusic City Bowl.




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