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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #177: 'Til Death Do The Bears Part

With all due respect, there seems to be just one way the McCaskeys will do the right thing. Plus: Cat Trick!; Acknowledging The Bulls' Existence; The Derrick Rose Non-Tragedy; and Should We Be Paying More Attention To Northwestern Football?



* 177.

:16: Pace Case.

* Trading Places.

* The Savage Truth.

* Tony Tre McBride.

* Why Trubisky Will Have To Be To Tom Brady To Make Pace's Draft Day Deal Worth It.

* Dickerson: Was Mitchell Trubisky Worth The Price?

* Michael, George And Mommy.

* In Trestman We Trust!

* Mulligan: Shouldn't The Fates Of John Fox And Ryan Pace Be Interlocked?

* Rozner: Another Day, Another Narrative Bites The Dust.

* Pompeii: The problem with Ryan Pace's free agent signings.

* Haugh: Are The Bears Putting More Faith In Ryan Pace Than He Deserves?

* Haugh: Bears' Brian McCaskey On Hearing Loss: 'Technology Has Really Saved Me.'

* Assignment Desk: What Happens When Virginia Dies?

* Haugh: It's Time Mitch Trubisky Reminded Us Why Bears Gave 49ers A Draft Haul.

* Kid Loggains.

* Podium vs. Lectern.

* Gabriel: Sources: Neither John Fox Nor Vic Fangio In Chicago Bears' Future Plans.

(To which we say, "Good!")

38:45: Cat Trick!

* Coffman: "You don't salvage a point at home against the Stars!"

* Is this the end for The Toews & Kane Show?

47:07: Acknowledging The Bulls' Existence.

* Coffman: "The bloom is off the Markkanen."

Awww, c'mon!

* Sidebar: The Derrick Rose Non-Tragedy.

54:37: Should We Be Paying More Attention To Northwestern Football?

* Greenberg: "I would've defied anyone to spend three-plus hours at Memorial Stadium on Saturday and try to see the glass - any glass - as half-full. The so-called Land of Lincoln rivalry game, scheduled on the final weekend of the regular season because it's supposed to be a big deal, was a fly on the rear ends of, say, Alabama-Auburn and Michigan-Ohio State. You know, the real rivalry games. Northwestern-Illinois was so irrelevant, it was almost as if it didn't exist. Fitzgerald referred to the Illini's home as a 'sleepy building.' It was a nicer way to say 'empty.'"




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