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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #175: Bears Trap Door Game

Don't sleep on Brett Hundley! Plus: The NFL's Tomato Cans; Martellus Bennett Is Bigger Than The Game, Y'All; Canadian GOAT: Marc Trestman; Cubs Hot Stove Burns; Dear Rick Hahn: Stay The Course!; An Analytics Story; Blackhawks Baffle; and Bobby Tortoise's Chicago Bulls.



* 175.

2:25: Bears Trap Door Game.

* Shout Out To Randy Hundley!

* Say It Ain't So, Joe Fortunato.

* Demovsky: The More Brett Hundley Plays, The More His Trade Value Plummets.

* Houston Texans-Colin Kaepernick-Jerry Jones-Roger Goodell-Ezekiel Elliott Interlude.

* Deadspin: Ezekiel Elliott, Who Was Suspended, Un-Suspended, Suspended, Un-Suspended, Suspended, And Un-Suspended, Is Now Suspended Again.

16:30: Who Is Brett Hundley?

19:07: Who Is Mitch Trubisky?

21:12: The NFL's Tomato Cans.

* Post-podcast update: Barry Rozner on The Score Friday afternoon expressed bewilderment at the Chicago media's inexplicable love affair with Ryan Pace. Rozner noted that Phil Emery's record at a similar point in his general managership was far, far better than Pace's, and Emery was a dead man walking. Pace's record is truly awful, yet the local media depicts him as a genius.

Rhodes' theory: The media bought the Bears' bid this season to change the narrative on the Pace-Fox era from a "win-now" status evidenced by the hiring of a win-now coach and defensive coordinator (as we were told repeatedly three years ago) to a team rebuilding that deserved time to develop. Thus, covering Pace as if this is his first year and Trubisky is his first big draft pick - or maybe second behind Leonard Floyd.

P.S.: Rozner is also not impressed with Trubisky; says he's waiting to see that big arm he's heard about.

This is not to just validate Rozner, whom I'm not particularly a fan of, but to say that at least there is an alternate voice out there saying what some of the rest of us think, too.

29:13: Martellus Bennett Is Bigger Than The Game, Y'All.

* Post-podcast update.

32:49: Canadian GOAT: Marc Trestman.

* Lance Briggs: Chicago's A-Rod.

35:37: Cubs Hot Stove Burns.

* Anatomy of a Jason Heyward rumor.

* Go away, John Lackey.

46:02: Dear Rick Hahn: Stay The Course!

* Coffman: The Rebuild Is Over.

49:27: An Analytics Story.

* Verlander vs. Girardi.

55:04: Blackhawks Baffle.

58:40: Bobby Tortoise's Chicago Bulls!

* Hoiberg is coaching harder!




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1. From Tom Chambers:

Re: Collusion . . . Lake Forest's Very Own Mike McCaskey developed the thesis - while teaching at Harvard - of how to unify to suppress salary growth in a free agent/collective bargaining environment! Or something like that. He may have even taught it to an owners' committee. He wrote a paper!

[See The Michael McCaskey Papers]

The Bears can fire everybody and anybody they want from Pace on down, but they won't win until the McCaskeys are out of there. The Bears are nothing more than a Superfund Toxic Waste Site. All who tread there get the Midway Monster Consumption.

Interesting to hear this podcast after the Green Bay game. Jim even said "fire 'em all" if they lose this game.

I'm not that old, but I wonder if the Bears are like vaudeville used to be: a laugh, a cry, a song and dance.

And, Joe Fortunato was great! He had 16 interceptions back when they didn't throw the ball. Bill Wade didn't kill them and the players wanted Bukich, but pound-for-pound, that '63 defense was just as good as '85. Davey Whitsell, JC Caroline, Bill George, Doug Atkins, Richie Petitbon, Big Ed O'Bradovich, the list goes on and on.


2. From Steve Rhodes:

Re: MLB collusion . . . "George Steinbrenner offered Carlton Fisk a contract, then withdrew the offer after getting a call from Chicago White Sox chairman Jerry Reinsdorf."

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