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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #171: It's Not About Trubisky!

All narrative roads lead to Ryan Pace. Plus: The President Of The United States Is Pro-Brain Damage; The Best Part Of The Cubs' Week; White Sox Making Believers; Blackhawks Backup Goalie Sitch; Wade Era vs. Glennon Era; Millennials Killing Football; Rick Pitino Was Just The Worst; and Schweinsteiger!



* 171.

* Alshon Jeffery > Mike Glennon.

* Jahns: In Need Of A Jolt, The Bears Need Trubisky.

But why - to get back in the playoff chase? C'mon!

* Haugh: Mike Glennon's Performance Begs For Mitch Trubisky To Come To Bears Rescue.

He's gonna rescue the season - get them to the playoffs? C'mon!

* Sports Illustrated: Deshaun Watson: Texans' Approach With The Rookie QB.

* Right?

* Haw haw.

* Packers vs. Steelers.

* Coffman: The Cooper Blooper.

33:11 The President Of The United States Is Pro-Brain Damage.

39:07: The Best Part Of The Cubs' Week.

* Runner-up:

59:43: White Sox Making Believers.

1:02:54: Blackhawks Backup Goaltender Battle Coming Into Focus.

1:04:18: Dwyane Wade Era Lasted Longer Than Mike Glennon Era.

1:04:45: Millennials Killing Football.

* Whitney Young Cancels Rest Of Football Season, Saying It Can't Field Enough Players.

* The future?

1:06:50: Niles North Suspends Football Season Amid Hazing Probe.

1:07:59: Rick Pitino Was Just The Worst.

1:10:04: Schweinsteiger!


Hey, Bears, shake Trubisky like a Polaroid picture!




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