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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #18: Return To Bear Mountain!

In Tresty We Trusty. Plus: Brandon Marshall And Gloria Allred Grind Coach Coffman's Gears, No Tears For Lovie, and California Uber Alles! Cubs And White Sox Under Alles.


* The (Jane Byrne) Circle Interchange.

2:00: Return To Bear Mountain!

* Scotland Sucks!

* Fantasy Fix: Reality Intrudes.

* In Tresty We Trusty.

Watch how candid Trestman is - he just tells the truth, and it works! Also, his habit of telling the media he'll give them some "content.

* He's not a bullshitter like Lovie.

* Special teams are still special.

* The Blue & Orange Kool-Aid Report: The Incredibly True Stories Of The Bears' San Francisco Feat, Kyle Fuller's Childhood & Jets Fans In The Wild.

* The Fuller Family.

* Olympic Siblings.

* No Tears For Lovie.

* A Forensic Study Of Oregon QB Marcus Mariota.

* The Bortles Conundrum.

* Hester vs. Cutler.

* Leave Josh McCown Alone.

* Brandon Marshall And Gloria Allred Really Grind Coach Coffman's Gears.

* Jets Preview: Plenty of opportunities for the Bears!

* Trestman: Working on run defense first.

34:28: California Uber Alles! Cubs And White Sox Under Alles.

* Cubs Ditch Kane County.

Theo's a genius either way!

* Ricky Rentamanager.

* Robin Alwaysanadventura.

* A Good Guy Who Wore Black.

* Sylvia Fowles Out, Elena Delle Donne Questionable For World Championships.


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