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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #164: Cubdumb, Sock Bottom & Peak Bears

Steve Bartman, Crane Kenney and Dusty Baker - the gang's all here! Plus: White Sox Suckage On Schedule; and Bizarro Bears.



* 164.

:20: Cubdumb.

* Gonzalez:

There's a myth that the Cubs can't identify and draft major-league caliber starting pitching.

As cold evidence, they watched one of their former draft picks throttle their offense in a convincing manner Wednesday night.

Zack Godley limited the Cubs to three hits in six innings to help the Diamondbacks to a 3-0 victory at breezy Wrigley Field.

-> Zack Godley spent one season in the Cubs organization; he's in his fourth season in the Diamondbacks organization.

* "It changed everything, to be honest," Contreras said of Montero's departure. "Now I know I'll be playing every single day and have nobody looking at me the whole time."

* Pronunciation: \a-VEE-la\

* Pedro Strop is Up:

* Carl Edwards is Down:

* Theo Epstein: Cubs Were One July Skid Away From White Flag Trades.

* Jake Arrieta 'Trending In The Right Direction.'

* John Lackey Is Proving His Worth.

* Cubs Prolong Steve Bartman Story.

* Former Tribune Sports Editor Is Just Plain Wrong.

* Crane Kenney Is Still Employed By The Cubs.

* Joe Maddon Is Now Dusty Stupid:

* Cubs Kill 3:05 Friday Start Times.

32:21: Sock Bottom.

* No More Melk Man.

* Knocking On The Door: Reynaldo Lopez.

* Wallenstein: Keeping Moncada Company.

* Willy Garcia Suffers Broken Jaw In Collision With Moncada.

36:30: Peak Bears.

* Biggs: Eight Observations From Training Camp.

* Mays: Marshal Yanda Is An NFL Legend Hiding In Plain Sight.

* But Was The Story Wrong?

-> Jahns: Kevin White's Good Day At Camp Overshadowed By College Film Contention.

-> Hoge: Azzanni Might Actually Be Pushing Right Buttons With Kevin White.

* Peak Sanchez.

- The Score's Matt Spiegel this week on the Bears' quarterback situation: I want Mike Glennon to be a Top 10 quarterback this year and maybe then deal him for a fourth-rounder, like McNair and Chandler, and then maybe Mark Sanchez will want to return as a backup next year too. It's what I want to happen, not what I believe will happen.

* We are at Peak Fuller.

* We are at Peak Leno.

* We are now at Peak Massie.

* Coffman: "All this stuff continues to be what it is."

* Rhodes, Assignment Desk: Players who were in the wrong position in college because it served the interest of their coaches, not the interests of their futures.

* Trubisky Struggling With Fumbled Snaps During Training Camp.

* Dissident Smuggles Pictures Out Of Bears Camp:

59:36: Schweinsteiger!




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