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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #163: EmBearAssing

The media even more so than the team. Plus: Football Scrambles Brains; Crosstown Cubs; and Schweinsteiger!



* 163.

:53: Bears Media Sinks As Low As Team.

* "Kap."

* Danny Trevathan Says He Sucked So Bad In 2016 Because He Partied Too Much In The Offseason, Reporters Sympathize.

* Zach Zaidman: "I don't have a problem with it."

* Brian Hanley: "It's nice to see a player being so introspective."

* Jordan Howard Says "I Should Have Been In Better Shape."

* David Haugh: "I was really impressed with [Mark Sanchez's] performance in front of the microphone."

* Zach Zaidman: "Mark Sanchez is a reassuring presence who won't embarrass you on the field if you have to put him in."

* Dan Bernstein plays kissy-face with Ryan Pace.

* Jason Goff drops ball on Colin Kaepernick, let's Pace off the hook.

* Goff: "What don't you like about Ryan Pace? The cupboard was bare when Pace got here. He deserves more than the three years that Phil Emery got. He gets to hire his own head coach."

* Lincicome: In Predicting Bears Season, Little Knowledge Goes A Long Way.

* A new sympathy for poor John Fox.

This is the guy who has lied like a motherfucker to reporters since day one.


* Zach Zaidman: "These are guys with chips on their shoulder."

* Emma: There's Optimism For Deeper, Better Bears.

* Reality check: Bears Rank 30th In NFL Preseason Power Ranking.

45:02: Football Scrambles Brains.

50:38: Crosstown Cubs.

* Sullivan: Cubs Win First City Series Since 2013, But Crosstown Cup Merely An Afterthought.

* Tim Anderson, Kyle Schwarber, Albert Almora Jr., Javy Baez.

* Nationals, Dodgers, Brewers.

* Web Extra!: Did not enjoy Danny Parkins and Matt Spiegel regaling the audience with tales of youthful douchebaggery at the Cubby Bear. "Dbag moments," Spiegel christened them. Christ.

* Web Extra!: Also did not enjoy Adam Hoge's continued love of Hawk Harrelson, who accused John Lackey of hitting White Sox batters on purpose, which makes no sense given the game situations. Then again, Hoge thought Hawk leaving the booth to attend to a barely bruised Todd Frazier was "good work."


1:03:11: Schweinsteiger!




Still a fan.



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