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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #160: Highway To Cubs Hell

Hangover City. Plus: The White Sox Are The Cleveland Browns; The Bulls Got Ripped Off, Man!; Meet Your 2019 Stanley Cup Champions!; Greatest Bears Game Ever Coming This Christmas Eve!; and Schweinsteiger!



* 160.

* Libertyville.

* Tom Morello.

* Family over geography.

* "It was me and the guys in NWA."

* Led Zeppelin.

* Hell Bent for Leather (aka Killing Machine).

* 2nd Story.

* The appeal of teaching wore off in a hurry.

* Joanna's Rain Song.

* Swimming to Cambodia.

* Mike Daisey.

* Henry Rollins (aka Henry Lawrence Garfield).

21:04: Highway To Cubs Hell.

* Hangover City.

* 2005 White Sox.

* Theo: Our Biggest Fixes Are Inside The Clubhouse.

* The sweep of human history!

40:17: The White Sox Are The Cleveland Browns.

* Moncada Still No. 1.

* Rogers, May 2006: Williams Has Sox Loaded For Years To Come.

* "I have faith . . . a guarded faith."

1:01:10: The Bulls Got Ripped Off, Man!

1:01:41: Meet Your 2019 Stanley Cup Champions!

1:02:51: Greatest Bears Game Ever Coming This Christmas Eve!

* "Bad football is the funniest of all sports."

1:07:14: Schweinsteiger!




Andrew Reilly at Beachwood HQ.



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