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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #158: Bulls To Bears: Hold My Beer

Trade for Trubisky suddenly not the worst by a Chicago team this year. Plus: 2017 Cubs Get Even Weirder; Are The White Sox The Next Cubs?; and Schweinsteiger!



* Disco Danny Ford.

* Vanity Fair Q&A with Daniel Okrent.

* Daniel Raymond O'Shea.

12:10: The Butler Boondoggle.

* Take du jour:

- "[T]hey were never going to win a title with Jimmy Butler as their best player . . . " (Bernstein)

- "[T]he Bulls had gone as far as they were going to go with Butler as their best player . . . " (Haugh)

Rhodes: Such a lazy take. If you put the right pieces around Butler, the Bulls certainly could have won - or the Bulls could have made Butler the second-best player on the team by drafting, trading for or signing an even better player! So nonsensical.

* From Butler's trainer, since deleted:

* Coffman via e-mail: "I have just one thing to say about the Butler trade: In its aftermath, I feel so much better about the Trubisky trade."

- From the Jimmy Butler vault:

* Blog-a-Bull: Did Bulls Negligence Help Cause Jimmy Butler's Knee Injury? It's The Bulls, So Probably!

* Blog-a-Bull: The Bulls' Own Ignorance Is Killing The Team, One Injury At A Time. The Thibs Era Wasn't Supposed To die For This.

* Cowley: Bulls Front Office Finally Got It Right Picking Butler Over Rose.

37:20: Blackhawks Hold Own Beer!

* The real news happened after the show:

- Dizzying week hits hard for Jonathan Toews, Joel Quenneville.

But what up, Mark Lazerus?

Friday, 11:17 p.m.: Saad is younger. He's more rounded. He's locked up for longer. And he makes the Hawks better."

Saturday, 11:22 a.m.: "[T]hey probably aren't better today than they were last week."

Granted, maybe Lazerus thinks Saad makes the Hawks better but losing Hjalmarsson cancels that out, but it all happened at the same time Friday morning.

* Coffman via e-mail: "This is a classic example of what we always talk about - other teams have TVs too and the Hawks weren't going to get anything for Seabrook and not much for Keith, so they traded their only D-man with real value."

39:02: 2017 Cubs Get Even Weirder.

* Anthony Rizzo leading off, Kyle Schwarber in the minors and Donald Trump as president.

* Don't hold their beer!

54:51: Are The White Sox The Next Cubs?

* Yes, unless you hold their beer!

59:38: Schweinsteiger!




Disco Danny O'Shea at Beachwood HQ in AnySquared Studio.



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