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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #156: About Addison Russell

Theo takes honest tack. Plus: Grandpa Heyward; Cubs Still Mediocre; White Sox Now Officially The Worst; The NBA's Defenseless Finals; Pens Looking To Join Kings, Blackhawks In Decade's Pantheon; Butler Bullshit; and Schweinsteiger!



* 156.

* Love the El, hate the CTA.

4:50: About Addison Russell.

* Haugh: Theo Epstein, Cubs Set Proper Wait-And-See Tone Regarding Addison Russell.

* Morrissey: We Don't Know Addison Russell - Or Any Other Pro Athlete.

* When he was merely a cartoon figure . . .

* Folks on Twitter disbelieving he could be an abuser because Pokemon.

20:57: Grandpa Heyward.

* Jason Heyward Fills Leadership Void.

* Cubs Can't Blame Loss Of Dexter Fowler For Team's Troubles.

23:59 Cubs Still Mediocre.

* LeMahieu reaches the basket:

* Kyle Hendricks Says Injury 'Nothing Traumatizing.'

31:58: White Sox Now Officially The Worst.

* Let the AL East bidding begin!

39:53: The NBA's Defenseless Finals.

45:26: Pens Looking To Join Kings, Blackhawks In Decade's Pantheon.

47:58: Toews vs. Trump.

50:07: Butler Bullshit.

* Bernstein: Bulls' Butler Call Seems Too Late.

* Rosenbloom: What Jimmy Butler Should Tell The Bulls.

* Coach Rondo?

56:09: Who Will Catch The Beautiful Crisp Spirals Of Mike Glennon and Mitch Trubisky?

* Wiederer: "As if the Bears needed more question marks within their receiving corps..."

57:21: Schweinsteiger!

* Still scorching!




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