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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #148: Playoff Thrill And Chill

The Blackhawks and Bulls enthusiasm gap. Plus: Cubs Got Cool-Ass Rings; South Side Rumors; The Lessons Of Cameron Lee; Delle Donne Is Out; Schweinsteiger Is In; and Weekend Advice From The Coach.



* 148.

* Rick Sutcliffe's career batting average was .181.

2:30: Blackhawks Season Finally Starts.

16:40: Least Exciting Playoff Appearance Ever.

30:25: Cubs Got Cool-Ass Rings.


* But this is a bit much:


* Cubs a joy to watch.

* Wrigley is just freakin' over, man.

* If only: nets up, bullpens back, bricks stay.

49:09: South Side Rumors.

* Wallenstein: What About Avi?

* What about Tim?

53:40: * The Lessons Of Cameron Lee.

56:33: Delle Donne Is Out; Schweinsteiger Is In.

57:47: Weekend Advice From The Coach.




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