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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #147: The (New) Cubs Are Still The (New) Cubs

Coach is excited. Plus: Bulls Screwing Up In Reverse; The D League; Drama-Free Blackhawks Almost Forgotten; Awful Shooting, Awful Reffing In Awful Venue; and Schweinsteiger!



* 147.

* Steve Trachsel's career batting average was .163.

* Trachsel vs. Trout.

* The psychology on display in sports.

* How Kris Bryant Is Planning To Address His 'Weakness' This Season.

* Mike Matheny Says He's Happy But He Can't Show It.

* The yips:

* Anthony Rizzo's defense.

* Projected Starting 1B Dan Vogelbach didn't make the Mariners out of spring training.

* Hector Rondon still isn't right; Carl Edwards is.

* TV vs. Live.

* Hating the new IBB rule.

* We already miss the old on-field bullpens.

See also:

* Construction zone:

* (Hall Of Fame-Worthy) Yadier Molina May Have To Explain How This Ball Stuck To His Chest.

* White Sox also started playing this week.

* Wallenstein: Unlovable Losers.

* Sox win:

41:25: Bulls Screwing Up In Reverse By Contending For A Playoff Spot.

44:44: The D League.

51:25: Drama-Free Blackhawks Almost Forgotten.

* Blackhawks Have Been At Home Away From Home This Season.

* Inside The Tinderization Of Today's NBA.

* From Cazzie Russell To Dwyane Wade: Chicago's Remarkable NBA Brotherhood.

57:32: Awful Shooting, Awful Reffing In Awful Venue.

58:31: Schweinsteiger!


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