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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #146: Chicago Mirages

Don't believe the March Mirotic. Plus: The Bullshit Bears; Something About The Blackhawks' Gas Pedal; The Cubs' Smug Factor; White Sox Not Even Good At Being Secondary; The Chicago Fire Now World Cup Contenders; and NCAA Tourney Notes.



* 146.

1:12: The Mirotic Mirage.

* Do not be fooled.

* Hoiberg: The Worst.

* Bring on the Cavs!

8:42: The Bullshit Bears.

* Ryan Pace.

* John Fox.

* George McCaskey.

* Media apologists rebuild the narrative.

23:19: Something About The Blackhawks' Gas Pedal.

* Shoutout to the Jacksonville, Illinois, Buffalo Wild Wings.

* Conference finals or bust.

32:43: The Cubs' Smug Factor.

* Make it stop.

* The Cub Factor is over.

* The bullpen and the bench.

* Here's How Much More Expensive Being a Cubs Fan is in 2017.

* Let Harry Caray rest in peace.

* Ed Burke Urges Cubs Not To Create Their Own TV Network.

(See also: Ed Burke's Curious Quorum Question.)

54:32: White Sox Not Even Good At Being Secondary.

* SI Baseball Preview.

* Tyler Kepner's preview.

* Boo:

57:18: Chicago Fire Now World Cup Contender.

* See item No. 9.

1:01:44: NCAA Tourney Notes.





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