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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #16: Double Nickel On The Bears' Dime

You Better Bill-ieve It's A Must-Win! Plus: The Sky Is Flying; The Derrick Rosercoaster; The White Sox In The Thick Of The Race; and The Pageantry Of College Football: Bring On The Creampuffs.


1:15: The Double Nickel Smokehouse.

* Now taking applications.

* Does Lance Briggs have permission from the NFL to wear that uniform on that website?

* Lance Briggs Defends Taking Personal Day For Opening Of Restaurant.

* Lance's Lamborghini.

* Lance's Lamborghini should have it's own Twitter feed.

* Lance Briggs Is The New Shawn Kemp.

* The Doom Of Athlete Restaurants.

* Briggs attended high school in Elk Grove, California, so maybe he is a local celebrity there.

11:05: The Blue & Orange Kool-Aid Report: You Better Bill-ieve It's A Must-Win!

* Mohrbacker: 10-6.

* Coffman: 11-5.

* Rhodes: 9-6-1.

* The Bears finish 10-6, which is not enough to make the playoffs and Lovie Smith is fired by the Bucs.

* Seahawks Whip Packers, Make Bears Feel Better About Their Whipping.

* Corny clever Carl.

* Bears Re-Sign Kelvin Hayden, a rare CPS kid in the NFL.

20:26: The Sky!

* It's not just the uniform; it's the stories they tell.

* Still under .500.

* Friends in Low Places.

* Elena Delle Donne.

* Sylvia Fowles.

* Jessica Breland.

* Best game in Sky franchise history.

* Allie Quigley.

* Pokey Chatman.

* WNBA Finals Preview.

* Brittney Griner.

* The best player in the WNBA.

31:07: The Derrick Rosercoaster.

* Held to two points.

* Struggles again.

34:37: The White Sox In The Thick Of The Race!

* Paul Konerko Day.

43:24: Oh, The Pageantry.

* The College Football Report: Bring On The Creampuffs, Including The Big Ten.

* Rutgers is in the Big Ten.

* USC, everybody.

* "Bring on the Creampuffs: most ranked teams take the field on Saturday in uninspiring matches against the likes of Citadel, Florida Atlantic, Lamar, Northwestern State, and McNeese State. To clarify: McNeese State hails from Louisiana, not McNeese. Further: Murray State is in Kentucky, not Murray. Finally: Northwestern State is in Louisiana, not Northwestern. As we all know, Northwestern is in Illinois, which is a state, which Northwestern is not."

* Illinois sucks.

* Northwestern sucks.

* Preview: Northwestern vs. the best college football team in Illinois.

* College football has no parity mechanism like the NFL draft.


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