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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #143: An Incompetent, Money-Grubbing Shitshow

The Bears are ridiculous, and not in a Devin Hester kind of way. Plus: Blackhawks Playoff-Ready; Bulls Irrelevant; Solving Sammy Sosa; Maddon Wearing Thin; and Something About The Chicago Fire.



* 143.

:30: An Incompetent, Money-Grubbing Shitshow.

* The cap.

* Alshon.

* The cornerbacks.

* Item: Follow The Bears' Money.

* Markus Fucking Wheaton.

* Coffman defies!

* Hoyer, Barkley.

* Cutler, Glennon.

* Okeydoke:

* A bunch of guys.

* Rhodes: The wrong kind of coach, an inexperienced general manager, shitty owners and they raised ticket prices.

* The draft.

* Bernstein, Goff.

24:00: Blackhawks Playoff-Ready.

* What matters: seedings.

* What doesn't: home ice.

29:20: Bulls Irrelevant.

31:20: I Hate Northwestern.

* Some Illinois stuff too.

36:15: Solving Sammy Sosa.

* The interview.

* Both sides should come clean.

39:30: Joe Maddon Also Jesus Christ.

* But wants us to believe he never reads his contracts.

41:47: Please No More Bartman, We're Begging You.

* Send him a World Series ring and let the whole thing die.

43:30: So The Whole Bullpen Was Pissed At Maddon!

* Add Rondon, Strop to the list.

* Maddonizing.

52:42: Hammel Time.

* Rhodes: Even though they won the World Series, I still want truth.

57:37: Something About The Chicago Fire.


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