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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #140: Jimmy Football

Get Garoppolo. Plus: Super Bowl Scenery Chewing; #BearsBoycott; ACL U; As The Bulls Turn, Turn, Turn; The Toewster Is Back; Brain Disease Strikes Mike Adamle; and Baseball's Worst Idea Since Using The All-Star Game To Determine Home Field For The World Series.



* 140.

1:02: Super Bowl Scenery Chewing.

* FiveThirtyEight: About Those Falcons Play Calls . . .

* "Don't get bored." (Rhodes: I think I heard this on The Score; couldn't find on Google.)

* Super Bowl Mic'd Up.

17:05: Jimmy Football.

* Again: It's too bad the Bears have such a high draft pick because apparently it's too high to use on a quarterback! If only the Bears had the 15th pick!

22:08: #BearsBoycott.

* It'll Cost Fans More To Watch The Bears Lose At Soldier Field Next Season.

* Morrissey: Franchise Has No Shortage Of Gall.

* Rhodes: The McCaskeys are selfish, greedy and incompetent.

* So they went two whole (lousy) seasons without a ticket hike. It should be noted!

30:41: ACL U.

* Jabari Parker Tears Left ACL For 2nd Time; Will Miss 12 Months.

* Why ACL Tears Are More Common In Female Athletes.

37:00: As The Bulls Turn, Turn, Turn.

* Is Michael Reinsdorf the new Godfather?

* Sources to K.C. Johnson: Paxson & Forman Jobs Safe.

* Busts & drama queens.

* Dwyane Wade: Guys aren't working hard enough at the practices I'm skipping.

* Fred Ventura.

49:40: The Toewster Is Back.

* (Rhodes: My new nickname for his is Jonathan Toaster.)

52:55: Mike Adamle: Brain Disease 'Shook My World.'

* Epilepsy and dementia.

* USA Football Finally Listening To Coach Coffman.

* Frank Wychek Sure He Has CTE.

58:10: Baseball's Worst Idea Since Using The All-Star Game To Determine Home Field For The World Series.




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