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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #139: Super Bowl Swoon

We are not amused. Plus: Garoppalooza; Mrs. Coach And Boy Coach At The Super Bowl!; The Super Bowl Is A Weird Animal; The NFL's Legacy Ownership Problem; Peak Jimmy Butler; Not Wild About The Blackhawks; We're Sad About Elena Delle Donne; Zigs And Zags; Cubs Stockpiling Broken-Down 35-Year-Old Pitchers; and National Everything That's Wrong With College Football Day.



* 139.


1:48: Super Bowl Swoon.

* Super Bowl Experience Priceless For Patriots Defensive End Chris Long.

* How Ex-Bears LB Shea McClellin Found Confidence Again With Pats.

3:53: Garoppalooza.

* Bears Fans Should Worry If Belichick Is Willing To Deal Garoppolo.

10:14: Mrs. Coach And Boy Coach At The Super Bowl!

* Lady Gaga Wha?

* Coffman: The Falcons don't have a chance.

18:22: The Super Bowl Is A Weird Animal.

* Coffman: The Falcons don't have a chance.

* (Rhodes: I'll take the Falcons.)

21:18: The NFL's Legacy Ownership Problem.

* Goldman Sachs Joins Adelson Exiting Raiders To Vegas Deal.

* The Fall of Western Civilization.

27:42: Peak Jimmy Butler.

* Chicago Bulls Players Believe Assistant Coach Randy Brown Is A Snitch.

* Coffman: Dwyane Wade Talking About Practice.

* Jahlil Okafor Trade Rumors Center Around His Hometown Chicago Bulls.

39:09: Not Wild About The Blackhawks.

* Hine: "Sometimes it takes a trip to the desert to end a drought."

* Coffman: See Ya Seabrook.

* Trevor van Riemsuck.

* Ice Show Trip < Circus Trip.

45:50: We're Sad About Elena Delle Donne.

* Delle Donne: Trade More About Hoops Than Homecoming.

* Coffman: "This is the Sky becoming the Fire."

* Razzle Dazzle!

51:48: Zips And Zags.

* New York Times: Northwestern Has Elusive Target In Its Sights: NCAA Tournament.

* Rhodes: Having mono produced the best two weeks of my life, minus the floor hockey.

57:05: Cubs Stockpiling Broken-Down 35-Year-Old Pitchers.

* Plus something about the White Sox.

59:05: National Everything That's Wrong With College Football Day.

* Kobe Buffalomeat.




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