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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #135: Bears Mess Conference, Toast To Terry & Opening The Score's Door

George McCaskey is not a patient man - except when it comes to his family's ownership and management of the Bears. Then his patience is infinite. Plus: Wake Me Up When Rondo Go-Goes; Arty On Top; and Toasting Terry While Opening The Score's Door.



* Roland Harper.

* Where Have All The Fullbacks Gone?

* Zach Zenner Says He Appreciates Michael Bennett's Comments.

* Joliet Central Moving Into Elite Status.

* Mike Alstott.

4:18: The Bears' Mess Conference.

* Alternate: This Is The McCaskeys' Mess.

* Logan Paulsen on Jordan Howard (via Brad Biggs):

For some perspective on Howard, I turned to tight end Logan Paulsen, a seven-year veteran who has made a living in the NFL primarily blocking for running backs. I thought he had some really interesting stuff to say that's worth taking a look at. My question was simple: Does Howard remind him of any other backs?

"Not particularly," Paulsen said. "He's got a very unique running style. He's got amazing vision and he's kind of got a sense how the run should hit. It's very unique, very special. He's got great acceleration. Not super top end (speed) but his zero to 10 is good and that helps him hit the hole real hard. I'm trying to think if there is anyone that comes to mind.

"I would compare him to Alfred (Morris), but I think Jordan's vision is way better. They run hard. They kind of run physically. But he sees the cut way better, understands the scheme way better. I'm trying to think of big backs but he's got a little more (stuff) to him than like Eddie George, for example. He's a unique fella.

"I got here late (signed Sept. 4) so I saw him and I'm like, 'Oh, he's a fifth-round draft pick.' His demeanor is so quiet. He is not very boisterous. And seemingly he's just average in all areas but then once he gets the ball in his hands and he's behind the line, the cuts that he sees are next level. One that comes to mind for me is at Indianapolis. I got short-necked on the edge, you know, and the lane was collapsing. Most backs, they see that, and they kind of abort the front-side read and they try to just cram it backside. He stuck it front side, he crammed it between me and the tackle and I swear to god the thing was about this big (holds up hands about 18 inches apart) and he got a 5-yard gain. There is a maturity there and an understanding to what we're trying to do in the run game that very few backs have. It takes a special guy. Obviously, he had the big run that game (57 yards). It was blocked really well. To me, it's that run I described to you, that's what makes Jordan special."

* A Reunion With John Fox Makes Sense For Mike McCoy.

27:37: Wake Me Up When Rondo Go-Goes.

* Haugh: Time For Bulls To Cut Rajon Rondo Loose Before They Really Regret It.

* Bye Bye Butler?

* Taj too?

32:42: Arty On Top.

37:32: Opening The Score's Door.



A McNeil sighting.


* Who Ya Crappin'?

* From Wikipedia:

The station initially signed on at 820KHz AM on January 2, 1992 as a 5,000-watt regional "daytime" station. This meant that after sundown the station had to sign off to avoid interfering with the nighttime signal of WBAP in Fort Worth, Texas, the clear-channel station on 820 . . .

Before 1992, the WSCR call letters were used for a station in Hamden, Connecticut, where it was an acronym for "Suburban Country Radio." Prior to that, they were the longtime radio call letters for a now-defunct station in Scranton, Pennsylvania, at 1320, standing for "SCRanton."

* Rhodes: "Callers were the original commenters."

* Tom Waddle.

* Les Grobstein Took A Dump In The Studio.

* Julie DiCaro A Lightning Rod.

* Sarah Spain Details The Jarring Harassment She Faced During A Job Interview.

* Susannah Collins Fired After Sex Slip.

* End The Boys Club On Sports Radio.

* Score Want Ad.

* Is Another All-Sports Station Coming To The Chicago Market In 2017?


Scarfed up.





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