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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour's 2016 In Review: The Cubbie Effect

Everybody's new (misunderstood) model. Including: White Sox Salvage Arrow; The Rebuild-A-Bears Narrative; Bulls Blow Up; and We Love Coach Q Deja Vu.



* Apocalypse Not.

10:03: The Cubbie Effect.

* Everybody's New (Misunderstood) Model.

* Front Offices Move To The Forefront.

* Lady Luck.

* Agent Zero.

* Joe Maddon is fallible; Theo Epstein is a humanist.

23:12: White Sox Salvage Arrow.

* The Return Of Ricky Rentamanager.

* Rick Hahn Is Risen!

33:08: The Rebuild-A-Bears Narrative.

* The Neverending QB Conversation.

* The Annual Progress Narrative.

* One More Year For PoxFace To Definitively Hang Themselves.

48:04: Bulls Blow Up.

* Thibs' Shadow.

* Fred Floyd.

* Trade Taj?

* Rondo Bondo.

1:02:33: We Love Coach Q Deja Vu.

* The Real Model Franchise.

* More Bread.




The year ends with Coach back in Cubs gear:



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