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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #132: Bulls Shit

Team Hoiberg falls of the cliff. Plus: RealFeeling The Bears and Joe Maddon Fails To Embrace The Target Of Accountability.



* 32.

:54: Bulls Shit.

* Giannis Antetokounmpo Is Now A Point Guard, A Center And Everything In Between.

* Nikola Mirotic Apologizes For Missing Walkthrough, Is Confused About Benching.

* Bernstein: Bulls Men Can't Jump.

* Jimmy Butler Held To Season-Low 7 Points.

* Mirotic's Loss Is Bobby Portis' Gain - For Now.

* Denzel Valentine To See More Playing Time.

* Beleaguered Bench Welcomes Back Doug McDermott.

* Bulls Still Waiting For Young Players To Step Forward.

* Jerian Grant Back To The Bench.

* Cavaliers Stick It To Memphis Fans.

* Blame Both Roster Construction And Coaching.

* Friedell: Front Office Deserves Most Of The Blame.

* NBA CBA: Optimism Abounds.

* Jabari Parker Rises Under The Radar.

* BrittBrau: Is Thibodeau To Blame?

42:46: RealFeeling The Bears.

* Coldest Bears Game Ever?

* Least Attended Bears Game Ever?

* You Can Call Him Gone.

* John Fox Continues To be Impressed By Matt Barkley.

* Gabriel: No, Matt Barkley Isn't A Starting-Caliber NFL Quarterback.

* Sliverstein: Josh Bellamy Is Not The Problem.

* Haugh: Fair To Wonder If Alshon Jeffery Is A John Fox Kind Of Player.

57:25: Joe Maddon Fails To Embrace Target Of Accountability.

* Joe Maddon's Aroldis Chapman Defense: I Had To Win, He Always Said Yes.

* "The part I screwed up with I didn't have someone warming up in the ninth once Rizzo hit the home run," Maddon said.

That's funny, after the game he said he didn't have enought time to warm someone up, which clearly wasn't true.

* "Every game I put him in, I talked to him and his interpreter to make sure that he was OK because this season he did not like pitching multiple innings so we stopped doing it. So I talked to him about if we did that in the playoffs, how would he feel about that and he said he was fine with that.'

That's funny, because when he was told during the season by a reporter that Chapman said he didn't like pitching multiple innings, Maddon said he was unaware of that but that it didn't matter to him anyway.

* See the segment "Cubs Always Closing," including "Maddon-Proofing The Bullpen" and "Dusty Maddon."

* "[Montgomery] had warmed up four times - in the third, fifth, ninth and 10th innings. He knew going into the game that he was gassed. His manager, Joe Maddon, had acknowledged as much to the FOX broadcast team. And Montgomery's first warmup went so poorly, he thought, 'I hope I don't get into this game.'"

This was Game 7 of the World Series.

* So Maddon apologized to Rondon for overusing him and getting him hurt; John Lackey blamed his injury during the season on Maddon warming him up in the bullpen; Maddon famously overused Travis Wood in his two seasons, rendering him useless by the end of each; Chapman, of course; and Montgomery. Plus, Pedro Strop, who knows.

* Fangraphs: The Inning The Cubs Stole.


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