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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #130: V-Jay Day

Hopefully, we don't have Jay Cutler to kick around anymore. Plus: Chris Sale Is For Sale; #WorldChampionProblems; Bulls Blueprints; How About Hossa; and Greatest Soccer Game Ever?


* 130.

* No. 1/8.

1:54: V-Jay Day.


Jahns: Bears Better Have Plan In Place If They Say Goodbye To Jay Cutler.

* At 41, Henry Burris Adds An Exclamation Point To A Great Canadian Career.

20:25: Chris Sale Is For Sale.

* Fulcrum of Hot Stove League.

* Rick Hahn's Defining Moment.

* The Six Teams In Hot Pursuit.

* Ha ha. Now solve your problem!

* Take 'em both!

32:34: #WorldChampionProblems.

* Jon Jay.

* The Latest On Dexter Fowler's Market.

* Todd Ricketts On Undercover Boss.

45:24: Bulls Blueprints.

* Bulls' Bench Providing Plenty Of Reason For Worry.

54:10: How About Hossa?

* Upper body injury:

1:00:47: Greatest Soccer Game Ever?




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