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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #128: Clarity

Love the art, not the artist. Including: The "P" In MVP Stands For "Player," Not "Person"; Peak Jay Cutler (Again); Grandpa Wade; and Corey Crawford Standing On Head.



* 128

* BRSH #127: Trumped Up: We're Rome; We'll Help You Pack, Jake.

* From Jonathan Jones, SI:

[Luke] Kuechly is probably the most photographed person in Charlotte. There is no record of him ever turning down a photo request. He's so good-natured that his trash talk comes out awkwardly. He'll ask a media member how his family is doing just because.

There is no pretense to Kuechly. He's one of few professional athletes where you can say he's a good guy and not worry about that statement coming back to bite you down the road.

* Presidential Medal of Freedom winner Michael Jordan's Greatest Hits:

9:07: The "P" In MVP Stands For "Player," Not "Person."

* Great player, appreciated in these corners, but too much fanboy:

* Mike Montgomery's Long Journey To The Cubs' Biggest Out In 108 Years.

* Verducci: Reign Men: The Storm, The Speech And The Inside Story Of The Cubs' Game 7 Triumph:

They had been fishing for bigger names on the trade market, but pro scouting director Jared Porter and director of major league scouting Kyle Evans kept pushing for Montgomery. In a year, they told Epstein, he would be a solid four-pitch starter.

34:46: Peak Jay Cutler (Again).

* The Most Cutlery Cutler Ever.

* Cutler: White, But Not Working Class, Is A "Longtime" Trump Supporter.

* Alshon Jeffery Has Clarified His Situation.

44:04: Grandpa Wade.

* Bulls' Jerian Grant Turns Chip On His Shoulder Into Unexpected Star Turn.

* Derrick Rose Won't Be Bullied Into Selling His Trump Property.

57:45: Corey Crawford Standing On Head.

* "Corey's been unbelievable," Bowman said. "It's allowed us to not play that well and still gain some confidence."




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