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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #126: It Was Real, And It's Over

Shut it down. We did it. Including: Thank God It Didn't Get Away; Rally Caps; Kris Bryant's Greatest (And Most Telling) Moment; Baseball's Most Famous Rain Delay; Most Memorable Game Ever; and The Cubs 'Mystique' Was Real.



* 126.

1:41: Thank God It Didn't Get Away.

* Averted: A whole new level of losing.

4:40: The Joy Came Later.

* Given the circumstances, it was relief first.

5:35: Parade.

* A daddy-daughter moment.

8:03: Rally Caps.



Ben Zobrist:


"Literally, I promise you, I prayed during free agency last year to be a Chicago Cub."


His Wrigleyville house.


Riding his bike to the ballpark. It's steampunk Ben!




Jon Lester:

"How 'bout this shit?!"

Verducci: "Cubs president Theo Epstein met with the manager in his office to confer about their pitching. Maddon had already improvised by inserting Jon Lester into the fifth inning in relief of Kyle Hendricks with Cleveland's Carlos Santana at first base and two outs. In a pregame strategy session the last thing Epstein and Maddon agreed upon was that Lester, because of his mental block throwing to bases and his limited history of relief work, would enter a game only at the start of an inning.

"But Maddon abandoned the agreement because he wanted the lefty to face lefthanded-hitting Jason Kipnis."


The wild pitch. (Careful, Grandpa!)


Dexter Fowler:

First on the mic.

How playing deeper helped his defense.


Kyle Schwarber:

"This is awesome!"


"That was awesome!"


He was awesome.


Joe Maddon:

Tarnishes his legacy while making history!



Anthony Rizzo:

Wanted David Ross, studied Cubs culture.


David Ross:

"Look what the boys got me!"


"Dude, you hit a home run off Andrew Miller in Game 7 of the World Series!"


The three-headed catching monster.


49:03: Kris Bryant's Greatest (And Most Telling) Moment.


50:06 Baseball's' Most Famous Rain Delay.

Verducci: "But for the Cubs there are two epochs now: What came before the rain and what came after."

50:25: Olney: The Most Memorable Baseball Game Ever Played.

53:01: The 'Mystique' Was Real.

57:42: Shut It Down. It's Over.

* Like the Grateful Dead without Jerry Garcia.

59:50: Most Important Game In Chicago Sports History?

* Coffman gets it wrong!




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