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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #14: Bearsgate vs. Tarpgate

Only Chris Conte could get a concussion while missing the tackle. Plus: Cubs waiting for shovels to go on sale, Coach K does Bulls a solid, Gordon Beckham's four-year slump finally catches up to him, the Blackhawk who got away, this week in the Sky, and Jackie Robinson West.


:40: Bearsgate.

* Bears Starters No Match For Seahawks In 34-6 Loss.

* The world is not ending, though.

* We haven't seen the scheme yet.

* Willie Young sack.

* Only Chris Conte could get a concussion as he was missing the tackle.

* No tougher place to play. Built to intimidate.

* Clausen, Palmer Turn In Lackluster Nights.

* Josh Morgan vs. Santonio Holmes.

16:28: Tarpgate.

* Ricketts is the clown now and that's why the Cubs are still cursed.

* The Cubs are the most profitable franchise in Major League Baseball, with the fourth-highest revenues in the third-largest market with an international brand. And they're doing it on the cheap.

* Is that a mechanical failure in your tarp or are you just happy to see me?

* Red Sox Sign Cuban Outfielder Rusney Castillo.

* Cubs waiting for shovels to go on sale.

* Orioles A Good Model For Cubs Development Plan.

Baltimore joins long list of franchises named as Cubs model, including Boston, St. Louis, Oakland, Kansas City, Houston, Pittsburgh, Cincinnati, Tampa Bay, Washington . . . is there a team that couldn't be a model? Yes: The Yankees. See also: Dodgers, Angels.

The Cubs are no longer looking for a model - they are three years in to Theo's Plan!

36:50: The White Sox: Borrring.

* Bye Bye Beckham.

Was in a four-year slump.

39:26: Coach K Doing Derrick Rose, Bulls A Solid.

* Despite Injury Rehab, Gets Spot On Team USA Roster.

42:33: Blackhawks Fail To Sign No. 1 Pick; Nobody Cares.

45:42: Chicago Sky Win First Playoff Game In Franchise History.

46:36: Jackie Robinson West Seeks Revenge.

* To be followed by the world championship on Sunday. One game only.


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