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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #125: Historic World Series Edition!

First Beachwood World Series podcast since 1945. Including: Coffman Returns To Cubs Fold!; Wrigleyville Security State; Corey Kluber Introduces Self To Nation; Bam Bam Is Back!; Matchup Mania!; Schwarber, Schwarber, Schwarber!; Jay Cutler Blah Blah Blah; Coach Qalm Down; and Bulls Opener Actually Compelling.



* 125.

:28: Coffman Returns To Cubs Fold!


5:00: Wrigleyville Security State.

9:07: Corey Kluber Introduces Self To Nation.

14:15: Bam Bam Is Back!

* But should he be?

* Choke job.

* Crisis averted.

21:16: Matchup Mania!

* Why Game 6 Will Decide This Series.

* Hail Szczur!

* The Schwarber Scenarios.

* Unsung heroes: Contreras, Mike Montgomery, Ben Zobrist.

* Free Willy.


Willy's Pimpin' Pant Legs.


* More Schwarber!


* Historic Dexter Fowler.


Historic Ben Zobrist.


* More Schwarber!

* Lonnie Scissorshands.

* Wayward Heyward.

54:38: Where's Marty?


The tumblers of the universe are now in place.

56:23: We've Paid Our Dues. This Is Ours.

58:10: Jay Cutler Blah Blah Blah.

1:02:28: Coach Qalm Down.

1:05:13: Bulls Opener Actually Compelling.




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