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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #124: Cubs - And Us - On The Brink

Bringing it all back home. Including: The Bunt Is Back!; Keys To Kyle Vs. Clayton; Players Performing Playoffy; Problematic Pitching Problems; Jay Cutler's Thumb Vs. Johnny Manziel's Drinking Problem, and; Your World Champion LA Sparks.



* 124.

* All that's missing is Ryan Braun!

* John Smoltz is good at his new job:

* Funny, but unfair, according to Coffman:

Screen Shot 2016-10-21 at 1.45.01 PM.png

* Buster Olney Is Obviously Biased Against Your Favorite Team.

* How Vin Scully Is Spending The Playoffs:

1:49: The Bunt Is Back!

* Jon "Lackey" Lester:

17:44: Keys To Kyle vs. Clayton.

* Be aggressively disciplined.

* Free Willy!


Agreed (.063/.167):

25:52: Players Performing Playoffy.

* Javy Baez is hitting 368/.381 in the postseason. Oh, and he's playing a little defense, too:


Greatest sports play ever?


Addison Russell is also pretty good:


Ben Zobrist:


Kris Bryant:


* SI: Den Leader: Anthony Rizzo Holds The Cubs Together.

* John Baker: Playing The Right Way?

"I'm going to hit a bomb today, pop this rosary out of my jersey, and spin it around my neck before I walk halfway down the line."

43:28: Problematic Pitching Problems.

* Strop, Rondon, Chapman, Lackey, Arrieta. And what's up with Carl Edwards Jr.?

* The Z Man!

* Magic Mike:



55:54: Jay Cutler's Thumb vs. Johnny Manziel's Drinking Problem.

Next man up:



1:04:13: Your Champion L.A. Sparks:




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