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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #122: Cubs Turn Weird

Dear America: Meet Javy Baez. Plus: Coffman Gives In To Grandpa Ross; Joe Midas; QB Kontroversy; Bulls New Old Vibe; Blackhawks' New Faces; The Sky; The Fire; and Oh, Lovie.



* 122.

:22: Dear America: Meet Javy Baez.


What were you thinking, Javy?


Nice kicks, Javy.


Respect the basket.


Broadcaster Bingo.

Editor's Note: I dunno, Costas is kinda right, isn't he?


Head first, in two parts.


Bryant wears baby glove so Baez can make the play at first.


10:30: BREAKING: Coffman Gives In On Grandpa!

* Marty Gangler Last Holdout.

* "Who does Baez credit the most with bringing out the best in him? Who else but retiring catcher David Ross."

Speaking of Baez . . .

* J. Rogers, Aug. 17, 2013:

After hitting his 31st home run of the season on Friday - a walk-off shot for Double-A Tennessee - Chicago Cubs prospect Javier Baez was once again the pregame talk before the major league team took on the St. Louis Cardinals on Saturday.

Baez has 14 home runs in 172 plate appearances in Double-A after hitting 17 for Class A Daytona in 337 plate appearances. Those numbers brought on the question about next season. Baez is targeted for Triple-A Iowa, but Cubs manager Dale Sveum left the door open for more . . .

The Cubs' top pick of 2011 is turning heads wherever he goes, and his bat speed continues to be compared to Gary Sheffield's. But his fielding might keep him in the minors for a while longer. The Cubs' director of scouting said recently he'll probably "take some ground balls" at other positions besides shortstop, but either way, he'll need to cut down on the mistakes. He's made 41 errors combined between Class A and Double-A this season.


* We Got Wood.


* Sports Illustrated on Madison Bumgarner:

Wind whispers through the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains of western North Carolina, a land so remote that no one of European descent set eyes on it until 1752, and even today the howls of coyotes can be more reliable than cellphone reception. In one of Earth's great hardwood forests, that wind swoops and soars through white pines, maples, oaks, chestnuts and poplars. It's the kind of place where American legend still survives against the advancement of Google soldiers, the fact-finding troops armed with the science of satellite imagery, big data and server farms, one of which is buried in these very hills . . .

* Johnny Cueto: Man Of Many Motions.

* San Francisco Chronicle: Giants Pick Ex-Cub Jeff Samardzija Over Matt Moore.

* Kyle "Leo" Farnsworth.

36:58: Joe Maddon.


41:28: Ricky Renteria.



46:34: QB Kontroversy.

* Rhodes: The Real Bears QB Controversy.

* What a backwards way of looking at things - there is not a single team in the NFL that doesn't see the Bears on the schedule and consider them beatable. #HometownPrism


54:10: The Bulls' Vibe.

* Ex-Bull's Vibe.

56:01: Zawaski: Opportunity Abounds For Young Blackhawks.

57:33: McGraw: What The Sky Should Look For In The Offseason.

57:56: Chicago Fire Still Mandated To Continue Playing Games No One Cares About.

58:05: Oh, Lovie.




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