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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #121: Cubs Spring Fling

Pre-playoff exhibition games rankle. Plus: Theo Epstein Finally Gets Edwin Jackson Money; Robin's Return?!; Bears Still Not As Bad As White Sox; Blackhawks & Bulls Go Camping; Chicago Sky, Chicago Fire, NIU And The Tribune's Endorsement Of Gary Johnson Bring Up The Rear.



* Sammy Sosa.

* Shawon Dunston, first pick of the 1982 draft.

7:27: Spring Training Is Back!

* Jake Arrieta, Miguel Montero Not Keen On Cubs' September Spring Training.

* Joe Maddon Defends Change Of Routine For 'Spring Training' Strategy.

* Thursday lineup.

* Have the Cubs lost their loving feeling?

* Where's Jake's head at?

15:52: Theo Epstein Finally Gets Edwin Jackson Money.

* Five-year extension.

* Hoyer and McLeod got five-year extensions too, on Friday morning.

* This thread . . .

* The Fallacy Of How The Cubs Were Built.

* Joe Maddon's agent is Alan Nero.

* The contemptible Todd Ricketts is for Trump like his daddy, his governor brother Pete and probably Cubs chairman Tom.

* The Cubs are scheduled to open the National League Division Series on Friday, October 1, at Wrigley Field.

35:48: Robin's Return!

* The replies have it here:

* Rhodes: "The White Sox have become the Cubs without any of the lovability."

* Roger's White Sox Reports.

42:03: Bears Relieved They At Least Aren't The White Sox.

* Lots of these type of references: "whether or not Fox was Pace's first choice . . . " Remember, Ernie Accorsi was consulting with George McCaskey and Ted Phillips over the hiring of Pace and a head coach. (There was one more recently - this week - but I couldn't find it.)

* Biggs: All Downhill For Kyle Fuller Since Early In His Rookie Season.

* Bears 1-10 In Last 11 Home Games.

52:31: Rookie Michal Kempny's Poise Impresses Blackhawks.

52:56: Taj Gibson Is Last Bull Standing From 2010-11 Eastern Conference Finalists.

55:11: Sky Look To Even Playoff Series With Sparks.

56:34: Chicago Fire Eliminated From Playoffs But Unfortunately Not From Our Lives.

56:55: Coffman: "We are the cesspool of college football in America."

58:00 Tribune Endorses Gary Johnson For President.


STOPPAGE (Bonus Cubs talk): 5:44


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