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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #118: Bearly .500

And that's an unlikely best-case scenario. Plus: Gone Gould; Wisconsin Sends Us An Angel; Leonard "Stink" Floyd; Ryan Pace Is Now On The Clock; Secret Bears Under Wrap?; A Lot Of Pundits Love The Packers; Coffman Can't Take The Patriots Anymore; There Are Many Ways To Be Smart, Even For Dipshits; and The NFL Is Concussed.



* 118.

:10: Gone Gould.

* Haugh: "Gould could be irascible to deal with off the field - that's another column - but deserved a more respectful send-off from an organization he served well."

Sounds like now is the perfect time for that column!

* Irascible: having or showing a tendency to be easily angered. Synonyms: irritable, quick-tempered, short-tempered, hot-tempered, testy, touchy, tetchy, edgy, crabby, petulant, waspish, dyspeptic, snappish.

* Brandon Marshall's best moment as a Bear:

* Coffman: "I pity the poor kicker."

* Coffman: Bears Upgrade To 5-Win Potential.

* The Blue & Orange Kool-Aid Report Explains It All (Dec. 16, 2015):

It has not been a great 14 days for Robbie Gould. During that span, the All-Pro has missed three field goals which, if made, would have propelled the Bears into the playoff contention.

I mean, if you consider being two games out of the last playoff spot with three to play "contention."

"But dude," you say in the voice like that of the Goonies monster, "if Gould makes those field goals, the Bears are 7-6 and are playing the team ahead of them in the standings this week. They would've been right there!"

Sure. If the 5-6 Bears had won out, two of those victories would have been against teams above them in the standings (Vikings, Bucs) while the Eagles and Giants would beat up on each other. In addition, the Falcons probably lose at least once against the Panthers, who they play twice in the season's final weeks.

But simmer down now, dummies. If we start playing the "shoulda been" game, you have to subtract one or two of this season's improbable wins. At minimum, the Packers "shoulda" beat the Bears on that last drive. The football universe has a tendency to even things out over time.

8:34: Wisconsin Sends Us An Angel.

* Josh Sitton, heaven-sent.

* No, but really, could be the biggest move of the offseason.

11:29: Leonard "Stink" Floyd.

* Fangio: "Choppy and inconsistent."

17:15: Ryan Pace Is Now On The Clock.

* Kevin White has a ham.

23:51: Secret Bears Under Wrap?

* King: "[T]he Bears have the best guard tandem in football now."

26:25: Bearly .500.

* Best case scenario is 8-8, and the best case isn't likely.

* Vegas Over/Under: 7.5 wins.

* Coffman: 5-11.

* Rhodes: 6-10.

32:14: A Lot Of Pundits Love The Packers.

* Other popular Super Bowl picks: Chiefs, Seahawks.

* Darkhorse picks: Steelers, Patriots.

* Rhodes: Jimmy Garoppalo wins all four of his games.

* Don't sleep on Carolina.

* Sleep on Detroit.

* SI: Why Andy Reid, NFL Coaches Are So Prone To Clock Management Blunders.

39:44: Coffman Can't Take The Patriots Anymore.

* NFL Films Presents: Bill Belichick's Unusual Press Conferences.

* The Belichick Breadown:

* Huge Tom Brady thing:

* Every Monday night, Tom Brady with Jim Gray on Westwood One, brought to you by Macy's.

44:10 There Are Many Ways To Be Smart, Even For Dipshits.

* The Seventh-Day Adventist Church.

47:05: The NFL Is Concussed.

* The NFL Didn't Follow Is Own Concussion Protocol For Cam Newton.

* NFL Says Officials Missed Call On Newton Hit.

* Top Irish Receiver Torii Hunter Jr. Out With Concussion-Like Symptoms.

* Super Bowl to the death!

* Bears Safety Chris Conte Says He'd Rather 'Die 10 To 15 Years Earlier' Than Not Play In The NFL.




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