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The Beachwood Radio Sports Hour #117: That's Cubs Entertainment!

Highlight reel heroes - daily. Plus: About Tommy La Stella; Hawk Harrelson Still Allowed On Air; White Sox' One Direction: Down; The Chicago Bear Sox; The Case Against Derrick Rose; and College Football's Kickass Kickoff.



* 117.

1:10: That's Cubs Entertainment!

* Joe Maddon Believes It Was Just A Matter Of Timing For Jason Heyward.

* Kris Bryant Could Be Better Than Mike Trout In 2017.

* Cubs Could Have A New Mr. October In Addison Russell.

* Bullpen Sparkles In Cubs' Comeback Win.

* Penned In: Too Much Aroldis Chapman And Travis Wood?

* Despite Strop Setback, Cubs Pitching Staff Returning To Full Health.

14:00: About Tommy La Stella.

* Passion For Teammates, If Not The Game.

* La Stella Back, But For How Long? Don't Rule Out Retirement At 27.

* La Stella Finds Peace In Return To Cubs.

21:26: Cogs!

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 1.53.09 PM.png


Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 1.53.29 PM.png



23:00: Roster Bingo.


25:32: Whoa, Willson!

30:18: The Catch.

* StatCast: 98.5% route efficiency.


Addy Extra:


35:51 Hawk Harrelson Still Allowed On The Air.


Bonus Hawk:


37:58: White Sox' One Direction: Down.


44:25: The Chicago Bear Sox.

* SportsMonday: Bearly There.

* Pup McPhee.

* Fred Taylor: NFL Doctors 'Overlooked' Several Injuries During My Career.

* Trusting a team doctor as an athlete is like any of us trusting HR in our workplaces.

* Kevin White Shows Progress In Final Exhibition Game.

* Leonard Floyd Proving He Can Play Against The Run Despite Weight.

* Jonathan Bullard Making The Most Of His Preseason Snaps.

* Hoyer Sharp Heading Into Regular Season (!).

* He's No Troy Aikman, But . . .

55:40: The Case Against Derrick Rose.

* Bernstein: Derrick Rose Rape Case Deserves Coverage.

* ThinkProgress: The Disturbing Details Of The Derrick Rose Gang Rape Case.

* Judd Legum Twitter thread starts here:


* Media mystery:


1:00:42: Sky Stretch.

1:01:32: College Football's Kickass Kickoff.

* No. 10 Tennessee Escapes Big Upset In OT Vs. Appalachian State.

* Coffman: College football got this weekend right!

* Luce: Ditto . . .

Screen Shot 2016-09-02 at 3.16.57 PM.png




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